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Zoom on 10 clever storage for the kitchen at Ikea

Zoom on 10 clever storage for the kitchen at Ikea

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In the prolific offer of Ikea in terms of kitchen storage, the editorial team preferred small storage spaces that make the difference. The super practical trolley, shelves that blend into the decor or the kitchen islands that have more than one string to their bow, you will inevitably find the storage that will match the configuration of your kitchen.

Attend the cooking show

Ikea As presented in this atmosphere, children can participate in the cooking activity with their parents without their having to supervise them. By simply removing one of the storage cubes on a central island, a vacuum is created. We can use this space created as a bench or even a simple shelf. Fun and practical, we succumb!

The welcome return of the service

Ikea Matching with the kitchen, the serving trolley remains one of the most practical accessories in terms of storage. To place in a corner or to move as desired, it will accompany our cooking moments. No more products are left to chance, everyone finds their place.

Offer functionality without sacrificing style

Ikea One door is enough to hide the hood and two storage spaces. At this price, we even allow other storage by their side and we finally give a touch of design thanks to the overlays of cupboards. We appreciate the trick.

Everything has its place

Ikea In the kitchen, there is something for everyone. The tightest budgets can think big in terms of storage. By creating storage spaces that are exactly commensurate with their means and needs, they are sometimes even allowed to integrate a refrigerator like here.

Optimizing space in style in the kitchen

Ikea In the kitchen, the hood is generally not surrounded. Yet we can imagine that it could have an aesthetic side in addition to its functionality. Here, for example, it is surrounded by playful storage systems that allow hanging knives and pots. And what a style!

Two functions for the staircase in the kitchen, it's possible

Ikea And no, the staircase is not always only used to reach a floor. It can be used as storage furniture. For small kitchen spaces accompanied by a staircase, it can be a good compromise to use it for other "hungers".

Taking care of your garden in your kitchen

Ikea Plus has to endure the cold to pick our small aromatic plantations. Thanks to shelves fixed to a wall or a kitchen window, our vegetable garden remains within reach. And in addition, as here, the plantations can benefit from the sun which will only increase their growth.

Tone-on-your-cupboard storage for the kitchen

Ikea Combine style and discretion in its cuisine, it's possible. It is enough to melt its shelves in the wall on which they are fixed. We are also convinced that it is sometimes a shame to hide dishes in cupboards when you can admire them as decoration. The must: nothing more simple than to fix two shelves of the same color as its walls.

We shouldn't put simplicity aside

Ikea In small spaces, it is inevitable to leave unused space. It is even necessary to make the most of it. And often the simplest things are often the best. A simple rod above a sink allows you to hang a lot of things, which avoids disorder.