Conceptuwall dresses your walls with originality

Conceptuwall dresses your walls with originality

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Created in 2007, Conceptuwall imagines decorative universes thanks to the artistic talents of Laurence Chavanne and the technical mastery of Patrick Chavanne. Their creations thus dress the walls and offer a whole new dimension to the room thanks to decorations with almost endless possibilities.

Curiosity cabinet

Conceptuwall ### Your walls can also become the theater of an original collection in the manner of a cabinet of curiosities with a trompe l'oeil furniture that accommodates all kinds of original objects.

Exotic stroll

Conceptuwall ### To bring an exotic touch to your interior, bet on a creation that depicts exotic animals in lush vegetation. Exotic effect guaranteed!

Wacky credenza

Conceptuwall ### Note that the Conceptuwall universe adapts to all interiors and all decorative desires. Indeed, if you only want to dress your kitchen with an original splashback, this is also possible!

On the walls but not only

Conceptuwall ### In the same way, this new generation wallpaper is not only installed on the walls. You can also put on your furniture to give it a new decorative and very original life.