Wood sits at the table

Wood sits at the table

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If wood is now a material of choice in decoration, it also makes its entrance to the table to give a warm style to your meals. How to use it ? Answer in 10 ultra decorative accessories to adopt.

Scandinavian trays

LSA International To bring a design and warm side to your table, you can opt for this tableware which skillfully mixes a wooden tray with glass bells or ceramic accessories.

A wooden fruit basket

Reine Mère What could be better than a natural material to welcome fruit on your table? With this superb basket, the end of the meal will be sublimated.

A snack board

Reine Mère For small improvised meals, we put on this long board which also accommodates a bowl. We can then have small bites for the aperitif while playing the nature card.

Snack at the table

Stash To make your aperitifs and other meals in a friendly atmosphere, you can also simply install several cutting boards which will then serve as your presentation plates.

Plank below place

Reine Mère Also know that your most decorative boards can also serve as decor for your table like this bear-shaped model. It is also ideal for placing a slightly hot kettle or dish.

A wooden service

Sibo Home Concept For a raw and natural table decoration, we can opt for this wooden service which is adorned with gray lacquer which gives it a very trendy contemporary style.

Nature cocktail

Bibol It is not only the trays that dress in wood because now all the dishes get started! There are, for example, wooden goblets for very natural aperitifs.

Scandinavian service

Lexon For a Scandinavian design atmosphere, we can opt for this small coffee service which mixes wood with white ceramics. The whole presents sleek design lines and plays the card of practicality: the lids are transformed under the cup.

Wooden egg cup To taste your eggs for breakfast as for other meals, we put on a pretty little wooden egg cup that brings a natural and authentic touch to this dish with ease.