Architect's advice: how to integrate the fireplace into the decor?

Architect's advice: how to integrate the fireplace into the decor?

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For ecological, economic but also aesthetic reasons, the fireplace has come back in force in recent years, most often in the form of an insert. The days of the rustic fireplace being a bit over, today's fireplaces are reinventing themselves, transforming into very efficient heating and a real decorative asset. Yes, but how to install a fireplace to heat, or revamp an old decorative fireplace, without spoiling the whole room? Here are some solutions so that your fireplace is perfectly integrated into the volumes of your home.

A corner fireplace built in like a screen

Angélique BLANC For this 5.05 mx 4.85 m living room, the corner fireplace, ideal for small and medium-sized areas, was chosen for a discreet integration into the volume. The furniture is custom-made, on two sides of the walls, and receives the fireplace, a log storage, two bookcases and the television screen. Everything is built in for a sleek, aesthetic and space saving result. The fireplace, built in like a screen, is perfectly integrated, leaving a large space available for the installation of the sofa and armchairs.

A revamped old fireplace

Angélique BLANC Here, for this 4m x 3.40m girl's bedroom, a fine example of an old fireplace makeover, which has become purely decorative since it is no longer in operation. The mantel will be repainted or decorated in the same colors as the walls. Rather than being used only as a receptacle for trinkets, toys or books, the hearth will be transformed into a real dressing table for little princess, the height of the hearth allowing it. It will suffice to install a mirror at the bottom of the hearth, and to have a shelf fitted with drawers over the entire width of the hearth. A nice little stool, and voila!

A closed insert in a cocooning space

Angélique BLANC In this 4.60 mx 5.17 m living room, the section of wall receiving the fireplace has been invested in order to integrate the fireplace. The elements of the furniture revolve around the closed insert surrounded by old floor tiles. Two benches have been created on either side of the fireplace, allowing two spaces for rest or warm reading, and into which storage space will slide in the lower part. Here, no television, it is the hearth that acts as a screen, creating a very convivial cocooning lounge, suitable for reading and discussion.