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The parquet raises the tone!

The parquet raises the tone!

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We thought it was forgotten and yet it resurfaces in decoration. The dark wooden parquet comes back to the fore. With the emergence of the fifty style and the long-awaited comeback of Art Deco, it made a meteoric breakthrough. Merbau, mahogany and walnut proudly sign their arrival in our interiors!

Oak, a sure bet!

Saint Maclou Keep the authenticity of the wood by betting on a slightly dark oak parquet which brings out the veins of the wood.

The timeless elegance of an oak parquet

Quick Step Integrating into all types of decoration, the oak offers various and varied nuances. Here, its caramel color warms the atmosphere for a most welcoming interior.

The ground is adorned with gray

Quick Step To warm up a large room, choose a dark parquet floor which modifies the space by visually shrinking it.

Turn to the merbau

Quick Step Another type of wood to favor for a dark wooden floor, merbau. Very resistant, its red color and its veined appearance gives it a place of choice in the construction of parquet.

Another popular wood species for dark parquet, walnut

Quick Step Renowned for making furniture for centuries, walnut can also take over the floors. Its color varies from light brown to dark brown and has a very popular marbled texture.

Mahogany is back in force

Saint Maclou Recognizable with its red color, mahogany is also very expensive. Instead, adopt an imitation that will print its precious side, without paying a high price.

Like a parquet

Cerdisa And for those who remain fans of tiling, here is an alternative that will not break your precept. This parquet floor is in fact a tiling that reproduces the veins of a smoked oak parquet floor.


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