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10 rugs that kids will love!

10 rugs that kids will love!

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In the children's room, the floor takes on a new dimension because our dear blond heads love to spend time playing there. To make them comfortable, we put on a carpet that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Here is a selection of rugs that kids will love!

A crocodile rug

Vertbaudet ### For little boys who love the savannah, we choose a carpet where a funny crocodile plays the contortionists. The good news is that little ones will be able to put their feet up without the risk of being bitten.

A green carpet

Vertbaudet ### If your children appreciate nature and would like to spend all their time outside, you can fill them up by choosing a carpet which takes up a strip of greenery on which some flowers have grown. Ideal for making the bedroom a garden.

A hopscotch rug

Maisons du monde ### The hopscotch carpet is a must in the girls' room! Not only does the carpet decorate the room but it will also allow them to play their favorite game.

Target mat

La Redoute ### To give color to the floor of the bedroom, we choose a target-style carpet that uses rings of different colors for a very graphic style.

A star carpet

La Redoute ### For children who dream of the stars of Hollywood Boulevard, you will find carpets that look like pretty stars surrounded by a circle.

A sticker rug

La Redoute ### For little girls who love colors, we put on this very colorful carpet that looks like stickers that we would have glued end to end. It's pretty and very fun!

A puzzle mat

La Redoute ### What if we had fun modulating the rugs? This is possible with the puzzle models which use pieces from this game in different colors to create original shapes.

A star carpet

La Redoute ### The carpet abandons its traditional shape in favor of a star shape. It is then a very original carpet that will not fail to put your head in the stars.

A snowman carpet

Fly ### Finally, the rug can also become a playmate with this smiley style that brings back very funny eyes and a knowing smile.


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