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White cuisine that has it all!

White cuisine that has it all!

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White wins all the votes among the French, especially in terms of cuisine. Passing the modes, it remains a safe bet and it accommodates all colors. So what are you waiting for to get inspired with this slideshow and give your white kitchen a decorative touch?

Gray and white go hand in hand in the kitchen

Maisons du Monde A decorative recipe to hoist your kitchen above the chef's kitchen: combine the white elements of your kitchen with a gray worktop and zinc accessories.

The kitchen dresses with passion thanks to the red!

Ikea Brighten up your white kitchen by adopting high red elements. For that, it's very simple, just change only the cupboard doors! Then extend this bright shade with a few accessories here and there.

White kitchen heats up with wood

Ikea The wooden worktop warms the kitchen, all dressed in white. Continue the natural effect by lining the entrance to your kitchen with a vegetable wallpaper that projects your decor in a natural atmosphere.

White cuisine in a country chic spirit

Maisons du Monde The low and wall elements of the kitchen are white, but to add a more country feel, they have been slightly weathered. An idea to remember, if you want to reinforce the campaign spirit!

White cuisine with Fifti accents

Maisons du Monde The emphasis is on style in this kitchen! Everything is white. The idea: let the fifties and very identifiable style of the furniture express itself.

Trendy white and black cuisine

Ikea Increasingly in vogue, white is combined with black for a most successful color contrast. Here we like the industrial-style pendant lights that respond to the black oven, high chairs, black coating and black steel handles.

The campaign wins you!

Maisons du Monde The whitewashed stone walls and whitewashed wooden furniture play with tones to let the effects of materials speak for themselves. Your ally? The bleached effect which lets glimpse the material while unifying the whole.

A family white kitchen

Ikea Welcoming and bright, this white kitchen has a few touches of primary color on the walls and accessories. Blue, green and red give it a more relaxed atmosphere.

Ikea white and blue kitchen

Ikea A total white look in the kitchen Here everything is white! Only a few colored elements such as blue and black disturb the whole.

A designer kitchen

Aviva White is timeless especially in the kitchen where it can quickly be synonymous with design. Here, the gray and glazed central island blends elegantly with the white furnishings.

At Kvik, we don't laugh with white

Kvik Choose this kitchen if you have a very nice space open to the dining room. The advantage of having a white kitchen is that it goes well with any decor. We can then imagine several tones of wallpaper.

Immaculate white

Brico Dépôt This small but practical kitchen has large white lacquered cupboards that add height to the room. The return of the light wooden bar supported by a stainless steel leg breaks with the total white look of the worktop.

Wood and white

Darty As we have seen, white blends very well with stainless steel. It also goes well with wood. The oak wood worktop brings a little charm to this large, well-appointed kitchen.

White duality and light wood

Castorama We play on the play of colors and materials. The large wood cupboards associated with the white doors make a very nice domino effect. We even push the idea for the white table with wooden chairs.

A kitchen in ivory white

Brico Dépôt This corner kitchen in rustic style seems perfectly lit thanks to the ivory white cupboards! As for the credenza tiling, it is undoubtedly the touch of originality!

White and black

Purpose This bistro-style kitchen is modernized with the color white. Black (through the handles, household equipment and wall shelves) gives character.

Mix styles with white

Leroy Merlin The black and white duo always works. With a woody touch it works even better!

White for small kitchens

Purpose Do you have a small space? Better to favor white! The return from the bar is practical because the work plan is quickly filled. White does not give an overload effect as other colors could.

White, only white

Aviva Here, nothing is other than white. From the bar to the stools through the floor, this huge kitchen plays the card of the refined!


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