Elise's 10 cabinet style curiosity inspirations

Elise's 10 cabinet style curiosity inspirations

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Very fashionable around the 17th century, cabinets of curiosities and small personal museums brought together strange and original objects. If like me, you would like to give more creativity and poetry to your decorative elements and create your own cabinet of curiosity, and if you also have the soul of a hardened curator, it is time to bring out all these wonders from the attic ! I give you my favorites and my favorite places in 10 inspirations.

A place: Serge Gainsbourg's private mansion

P.Terrasson Through this original photo of Serge Gainsbourg's bathroom in his private mansion 5 rue de Verneuil, we are reminded of a cabinet of curiosities. The perfume bottles, which have also inspired my bathroom, go perfectly with the sides of the white bathtub. Small antique furniture completes the theme, as does the carpet. I love Serge Gainsbourg from my earliest childhood and I quickly became interested in his pronounced taste for beautiful things, both clothing and decoration. I let you admire this bathroom, very soft and poetic.

A boutique: Design & Nature

Design & Nature The Design & Nature boutique, run by Anne Orlowska for over 10 years, specializes in the creation of naturalized animals. For me, and this has always been the case, naturalized animals are exceptional and dream objects specific to a cabinet of curiosities. Very often, we discover small frames containing butterflies or insects. Fascinating! Design & Nature: 4 Rue Aboukir, 75002 Paris

A decorative object: the naturalized crow

Monsieur Honoré / Memento Mori Few people will approve of this particular taste for dead crows as interior decoration. I love them! Stuffed birds of all kinds, play with refinement with the codes of the cabinet of curiosities and bring a touch of benevolence once installed in the center of butterflies as here.

Cabinet of curiosities glass globe

Maisons du Monde A must-have: the glass globe Nowadays, often for lack of space, we no longer dedicate a room to the cabinet of curiosities. On the other hand, we can easily give this style thanks to furniture, by bringing it, our small fetish or symbolic objects echoing the museums of natural history. Put its unusual objects under a bell, brings a museum effect and puts them beautifully on stage.

One color: black

Dulux Valentine Black is an ideal backdrop for creating your own cabinet of curiosities. Once this dark color is installed, I tenderly advise you to take action and take out of the boxes all your little wonders and bring them together to create your 100% personal cabinet.

A creation: Anne Valérie Dupond's textile trophies

Elise Voisin Works discovered in a shop called La conserverie in Bellême, a superb little village in the Orne. These fabric creations are perfect for accompanying naturalized animals and bringing a touch of humor to our atmosphere. We discover all kinds of animals, in trophies like here or an animal in cloths on legs. I love !

An idea to remember: the cabinet of curiosities in small model

Habitat It is in discretion that our imaginary little museum takes all its charm and its poetic side. The cabinet of curiosities is the opposite of eye-catching and imposing decoration. Rather, it is a discreet staging of different objects. It must catch the eye without monopolizing the gaze of the admirer. We associate frames, flowers, heterogeneous objects of all kinds and here we are with our super personalized space.

A print: the Pierre Frey fabric by Louise Bourgoin

Pierre Frey From stage to fabric, everything seems to be working out for Louise Bourgoin. She herself designed the Pierre Frey print above and I personally love it. It is perfect for a bedroom, living room or office like here. The print can also be found on fabrics, carpets or even ceramic dishes.

The event not to be missed: André Breton - The glass house

Regard Eloigné / Musée Henri Martin Behind his desk, Breton has gathered many works of art. This collection is a snub to the logic of museums. Like surrealism, the goal is to create a poetic spark by striking contrasts. The accumulation of objects (statues, masks, paintings…) as André Breton did is typical of the cabinet of curiosities. I would tend to call it "The Dream House". The glass house, until December 29, 2014 in Cahors.


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