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10 emblematic pieces edited by Alessi

10 emblematic pieces edited by Alessi

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The Italian brand continues to offer objects that are both beautiful and functional by calling on the greatest designers for more than 80 years now. The result ? Objects that have become cults that are even exhibited in museums. We have selected 10 icons to discover in pictures.

The customizable Blank clock

Alessi Alessi is not only tableware, the proof with this audacious pendulum imagined by Marti Guixé. The idea is to create a fun object that encourages public participation. It will therefore be up to you to customize the clock face.

The Juicy Salif juicer

Alessi We no longer present the famous citrus press by Philippe Starck, which is nothing but an Alessi edition. This is the essential object of the design of the kitchen that we offer for both its appearance and its practicality.

Chip paper clip magnet

Alessi Designed by Rodrigo Torres, this funny object is installed on the desk: you hang paper clips and use it as a clipboard.

The Max Chinese strainer

Alessi Another Philippe Starck creation! Max le chinois is a true icon of Alessi's design which dates from 1990. The colander offers a playful aspect which transforms it into a sculpture for the kitchen.

The Merdolino toilet brush

Alessi When Alessi is interested in design for toilets, this gives an offbeat creation imagined by Stefano Giovannoni which is none other than a toilet brush taking the form of a small plant.

The Mysqueeze juicer

Alessi This funny juicer is designed by Roland Kreiter in tribute to the famous Juicy Salif. It takes the form of a lemon and also becomes a design object in the kitchen.

The Anna G. corkscrew

Alessi Alessandro Mendini rethinks the traditional corkscrew to make it a real table companion. Result: it offers a bridesmaid design that will create surprise when the bottles are opened.

The Oisillon kettle

Alessi At Alessi, the kettle is a classic with many design achievements. Among them, the Oisillon model by Michael Graves offers a whistle in the shape of a small bird to echo the sound of the kettle.

The Mediterraneo basket

Alessi Imagined by jewelry designer Emma Silvestris, this cup echoes coral to welcome your fruit with style and elegance. A true house classic.