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10 Téva Déco decors that showcase blue

10 Téva Déco decors that showcase blue

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Blue takes over the decor. All the rooms of the house are seduced. Offering a beautiful variety of shades, it varies between electric blue, vintage blue or softer sky blue. Tested and approved by Téva déco, discover 10 decors that have adopted blue…

A Majorelle-inspired blue

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Exit the white walls and place the very bright blue of Majorelle inspiration. Its particular and unusual color on the outside infuses an oriental spirit into the decor. We like its power of tone which goes perfectly with yellow, white and shiny materials. To know more

A turquoise blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco For a bohemian atmosphere, favor a bright blue which highlights the other colors. For this, turquoise blue is your partner of choice. Next to pink, yellow, green or even red it awakens and revives colors. To know more

Pastel blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Pastel colors are back in service in decoration. They have the power to soften and illuminate a room by their simple presence. Ideal in a dark or windowless room such as an entrance or a corridor, sky blue, mint green or even salmon orange bring character and a certain softness. To know more

Scandinavian blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco A wind from the far north is blowing in this Scandinavian-style office. The right recipe: soft materials to warm up, light colors that catch the light and an ounce of sky blue to illuminate everything. To know more

A petroleum blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Blue is one of the cold colors, but look here in this box, it becomes very hot when combined with beautiful soft materials such as linen, cotton, wool, cashmere ... To find out more

A deep blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco A very bright and frank blue was applied to the wall. It offers a neutral envelope in other colors. Remember: the plinths and windows have been painted white to clearly mark the floor and the openings. To know more

From electric blue to turquoise blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Blue is in the spotlight in this box. Electric on the wall, it is displayed in a turquoise version on the floor and is contrasted by the white which tempers the whole. To know more

A retro blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Here, blue is displayed in a vintage version with a slightly faded tint. It is then combined with a touch of metallic gray to give it a little sparkle. To know more

Just a hint of blue

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco In this very colorful decor, only a touch of blue comes to rest in the middle of the room. It is embodied by the scoubidou chair which stands out more. Ideal for bringing out an element of the decor. To know more