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A magical loft in the Montparnasse district of Paris

A magical loft in the Montparnasse district of Paris

Located a few metro stations from the center of Paris, the Villa Pensées is one of these secret addresses that reveals all its beauty once the gateway is crossed. This completely renovated contemporary house is structured on three floors with well-defined functions, and overlooks a private Japanese garden where tropical palm trees and climbing ivies rub shoulders in perfect harmony. White, the common thread of a designer and very refined decoration, is artistically enhanced by a few touches of color present on the furniture and the multiple works exhibited in each room. This immense space bathed in light is offered for rental by the very select site LeCollectionist, in partnership with the furniture editor Cassina: have gone around and reveals all the details of this dream loft!

A living room open to the rest of the house

LeCollectionist The living room is undoubtedly the star of this refurbished loft: the rear facade of the building has been cut down to make room for this spectacular bay window which floods the whole house with light. The traditional marble fireplace contrasts boldly with the ultra-designer decoration. The editorial team had a real crush on this warm and welcoming room despite the omnipresent white.

Prestigious furniture

LeCollectionist The Collectionist, prestigious rental site, has met with the famous Italian publishing house Cassina for a partnership under the sign of excellence and authenticity. Villa Pensées is one of the five rentals chosen to be furnished with renowned pieces, such as the Le Corbusier lounge chairs or the Hanging Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio. In the foreground, the immaculate sofas invite conversation and relaxation.

A cozy mezzanine

LeCollectionist The intimate mezzanine of the master of the house is distinguished by its atypical space, its fireplace and its immaculate designer furniture. Only two large deep blue paintings color the whole.

An arty entry

LeCollectionist The entrance to the loft is resolutely placed under the sign of art, with its various pieces of contemporary art meticulously collected in the prestigious fairs of Bales, Venice or Miami. Open to the living room, it offers a glimpse of the sleek and colorful style chosen for the rest of the house.

Mismatched chairs

LeCollectionist A daring choice for the dining room, which brings together renowned designer seats, all mismatched, around a huge lacquered table. Here again, art is present in all its forms!

An almost monastic count

LeCollectionist Located on the garden level, the three double bedrooms, each with a bathroom, are named in the blink of an eye to the colors of the works that occupy them: red, blue and brown. The decoration is purposely white and refined in order to highlight the wonderful spectacle of greenery on which the French windows overlook.

A futuristic bathroom

LeCollectionist Here is one of the three bathrooms adjoining the bedrooms: this one has a simple and very contemporary look. The only note of fantasy comes from the strange luminous ribbon hanging from the ceiling.

A very functional small kitchen

LeCollectionist Orange, stainless steel and off-white shades have been selected for the kitchen, which contains everything you need to prepare good, friendly meals. Design and cleanliness have once again the pride of place!

A room like a small museum

LeCollectionist La Villa Pensées can accommodate up to eight people per night: each of the rooms is comfortable and personalized. It was designed as a mini-suite, with an adjoining living room bathed in light. A table in vitamin colors serves as headboard while a statue placed on the dresser seems to observe the room.