An air of curiosity cabinet in my decor

An air of curiosity cabinet in my decor

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Do you like to collect rare pieces, do you cultivate a taste for heterogeneous and unexpected decor? So why not dare to put on a cabinet of curiosities staging in your interior? It will thus assert its unique and well-tempered character between oddities, works, precious accessories or natural history objects. Here is a panorama to inspire you…

Stuffed owl

Habitat ### From the top of its perch: a simple wooden log, this stuffed owl winks at the cabinets of curiosity. And to accentuate the spirit of "natural sciences", we stored right next to it, two magnificent decorative objects in the shape of birds, one black, one gold.

On the Loup

Habitat ### The accessory of detectives and scientists invites itself into the scene to assert its "curious" character. It's the little nothing that changes the game!

Curiosities on the wall

Leroy Merlin ### A series of small frames and mini mirrors, sometimes strange, old or fanciful, jostle on the wall to form a wall decoration as charming as it is astonishing.

Under bell

Habitat ### Lovely staging of a stuffed bird. Just put it under a glass bell to create magic!

Art Gallery

AM.PM ### Architectural diagrams, sketches of naked women, old photograph and two butterflies are proudly displayed on the wall, playing on accumulation and a little art gallery spirit. Something to delight collectors!

Original wall decoration

Habitat ### The painting of a man with a horse's head, a framed blue butterfly and a wooden wall trophy coexist together on this wall to bring the unexpected and the surprise into the living room. Curiously beautiful!

Curiosities in the child's room

Maisons du Monde ### The cabinet of curiosity style also arrives in the bedroom of science enthusiasts as tall as three apples! On the menu: terrestrial globe, old school poster representing the anatomy of insects, framed butterflies and figurines of dinosaurs or zebras!

Butterflies in shop window

Maisons du Monde ### The butterflies in the window alone embody the captivating and mysterious humor found in cabinets of curiosity. By aligning four of these frames like no other, we are sure to get an atmosphere to say the least!

Mystery wallpaper

AM.PM ### This wallpaper with retro patterns and extinct colors seems to tell a story, through its photographs placed in a black frame for a gallery effect and its shelves on which are stacked a series of old collected objects!