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Gaetano Pesce in pictures

Gaetano Pesce in pictures

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** Gaetano Pesce is more than a designer, he is a complete artist. At once an architect, sculptor, painter and philosopher, the Italian designer studied architecture in Vienna. His expertise has been recognized by his fathers since the design exhibition in Padua in 1962. He followed a glorious career punctuated by creations that have become legendary such as his Pop Art chair or his Feltri chair. Gaetano Pesce will leave Italy for France, then France for the United States. Regularly, it offers offbeat creations that we invite you to discover. **

The design bench

Gaetano Pesce This Gaetano Pesce bench has a double function, it can be used both as a seat and as storage for newspapers and magazines.

A magical sofa

Gaetano Pesce Straight out of a Tim Burton film, this Gaetano Pesce sofa shines with its bright colors and original design.

Choice of storage

Gaetano Pesce Finished with regular wooden or white lacquered furniture, Gaetano Pesce offers cheerful and colorful storage. Always in an offbeat spirit!

Colorful armchairs

Gaetano Pesce Both colorful and offbeat, this range of armchairs designed and created by Gaetano Pesce delights fans of fantasy films and storytelling.

Staggered armchairs

Gaetano Pesce Other armchairs, other style! Gaetano Pesce's creations follow each other but are not alike. Unique and atypical, these armchairs are as contemporary as they are offbeat.

Rounded armchairs

Gaetano Pesce This armchair collection is also signed by the Italian designer. It adapts wonderfully with today's decor environments, whether contemporary or classic.

A bed, a dream

Gaetano Pesce When Gaetano Pesce offers its version of the bed, it upsets traditions. His creation is like his work, bright colors are present as well as the quirky side.

A separate lounge

Gaetano Pesce Here is an armchair and a footrest that do not lack originality. Available in different colors, the set brings a touch of originality, and Gaetano Pesce, in your home!

A very different table

Gaetano Pesce By revisiting the table, Gaetano Pesce brings nature, power, irregularity and color to it. As trendy as practical, this creation is a great success.