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Bleu Nature presents its spring / summer 2012 collection

Bleu Nature presents its spring / summer 2012 collection

A pioneer of eco design for 15 years now, Bleu Nature will unveil its brand new collection for 2012 under the sign of elegance and purity. The French luxury interior decoration brand offers you through guaranteed driftwood work a natural aesthetic!

<>, a collection <> and refined

Bleu Nature ### Discover ******, an alliance between driftwood and lacquered metal that combines perfectly with designer furniture for a comfortable and sought-after atmosphere.

Hekla >>, matter in contact with fire

Bleu Nature ### In partnership with ** Thomas Bastide **, ** Bleu Nature ** interacts with fireproof material. Together, they designed ******, a series of small furniture in shiny chrome and burnt wood. You will be dazzled by the shadow of black and white reflecting a sumptuous luminosity.

<>, a clear and refined collection

Bleu Nature ### Represented in the form of memory blocks, the lamps from the ****** collection imprison the branches of driftwood in eternal clarity. Breathtaking elegance frozen…

<>, an exquisite lamp for a contemporary look

Bleu Nature ### Let's go to Antarctica! Just for you, ** Bleu Nature ** decided to revisit the igloos to decorate our interiors. Brut of elegance, the ****** lamp will diffuse a delicate veiled light on your living room tables.

<>, a dreamlike and intimate universe

Bleu Nature ### White, purifying, ** Bleu Nature ** likes to sell dreams in your interiors! A real decorative object, the ****** sofa in driftwood and white grained bull from the ****** collection dresses your living room in complete privacy and simplicity, both in winter and in summer.

<>, a raw and design collection

Bleu Nature ### A decorative and cozy terrace! Associated with the icy whiteness of a lacquered wood, the ****** collection fits perfectly into simple and modern lines. Make way for a pleasantly driftwood…

<>, a collection <> natural and aesthetic

Bleu Nature ### With spring coming, it's time to go out on the terrace! For this, ** Bleu Nature ** shares with you its collection of ****** special furniture ****. The shine of lacquered stainless steel harmonizes elegantly with the natural patina of old floors, or wood of all kinds.

<>, a woody and fashionable collection

Bleu Nature ### In its ****** collection, the brand plays on contrasting associations by providing you with design lamps, composed of driftwood and a blown chrome and stainless steel lampshade. Original and up to date, they adapt very well in living rooms such as the living room or the office.

<>, a shelf like no other ...

Bleu Nature ### The ****** shelf will amaze you with its natural gray hues of wood that harmoniously respond to the whiteness of the lacquered metal shelves.