Moooi's design in 10 creations to discover

Moooi's design in 10 creations to discover

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If you are looking for an unusual and unusual design, there is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for at Moooi, this Dutch design studio managed by the excellent Marcel Wanders, of whom we invite you to discover 10 creations in pictures.

The Monster chair

Moooi Marcel Wanders is blurring the trail with this funny metal chair that seems to be made of leather.

The Juuyo suspension

Moooi Here, this suspension is not alluding to a plant but to Japanese culture and its delicacy. Know that Juuyon, the name of the lamp, is the name given to the 16th century Geishas from which it is inspired.

The Rabbit lamp

Moooi When the Moooi brand is interested in animals, it transforms a rabbit into a lamp base in order to create an enigmatic object of curiosity that is reminiscent of the atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland.

The Horse Lamp floor lamp

Moooi In the same series as the rabbit, Moooi is reinventing the floor lamp here by offering it a life-size horse body. An impressive lamp that is not intended to be installed in small areas!

The Lolita pendant light

Moooi Here is a delicate and feminine pendant light whose structure is adorned with a border that recalls the lace of lingerie. On the color side, the suspensions also exist in pastel colors.

Random Light pendant lamp

Moooi This ball suspension is made using fiberglass and provides lighting that does not lack play of shade. We adopt it for its airy and very poetic aspect but also for its beautiful size which allows to dress the rooms.

The Urbanhike side table

Moooi Here is a funny table that will not fail to create the surprise because the third leg of the structure is none other than a cane which crosses the table top. The advantage? The table can easily be moved thanks to its handle.

The Model 06 rug

Moooi Work of Marcel Wanders, this rug is inspired by oriental patterns in order to create a very sophisticated model between tradition and modernity.

Delft Blue vases

Moooi When Marcel Wanders revisits Delft porcelain, it gives a boldly shaped vase that is dressed in pieces shifted in gold.