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5 charming hotels in Stockholm

5 charming hotels in Stockholm

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Located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, the city of Stockholm is built on several islands, at the mouth of Lake Mälar. The "Venice of the North" has many advantages which attract thousands of visitors each year: trendy neighborhoods, numerous museums, pleasant living environment ... Traditionally turned towards design, Sweden has always brought great importance to interior design . The days being deprived of light a large part of the year, it is indeed essential for the Swedish to feel good at home, and to be able to profit from a maximum comfort! The hotels are no exception to the rule and display very different but always neat styles. We mix periods and materials without complexes for an ambitious and successful result! presents five of them, whose decoration particularly appealed to us.

Contemporary style revisited

Stureplan The rooms at Hotel Stureplan are comfortable and refined. Quality chandeliers, fireplaces and fabrics add an extra touch of luxury to interiors. With personalized atmospheres in shimmering colors, the stay is all the more exceptional!

The relaxed design

Hotel Skeppsholmen The Skeppsholmen is a design hotel in a nicely restored 17th century building. It features contemporary interiors designed by the Claesson Koivisto Rune studio, bathed in natural light. The soft hues create a soothing atmosphere while the sought-after decoration brings the contemporary touch so dear to the Swedish way of life.

Luxury, calm and comfort

Hotel Skeppsholmen Located in a calm environment of the capital, very close to the Museum of Modern Art, the Skeppsholmen hotel impresses with its Nordic simplicity and its relaxed atmosphere.

A grand decoration

Nobis Hotel The Nobis Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular in Stockholm. This 5 star is indeed endowed with an exceptional architecture and interior design, designed by the renowned studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. The restaurant of this luxury hotel offers authentic Italian seasonal dishes, but also traditional Swedish gourmet dishes. What awaken the senses after a good day of sightseeing!

A luxurious and comfortable atmosphere

Nobis Hotel With its privileged location on the Norrmalmstorg square, in the heart of the cultural district and near the chic boutiques of the capital, the Nobis Hotel offers all the services necessary for a dream stay in the Swedish capital. Its spectacular architecture does not prevent the rooms from being intimate and cozy, far from the standards of traditional hotel chains.

Luxury, calm and comfort

Villa Kallagen Located in a calm environment of the capital, very close to the Museum of Modern Art, the Skeppsholmen hotel impresses with its Nordic simplicity and its relaxed atmosphere.

Retro and refined decor

Villa Kallagen Here is a hotel that leaves no one indifferent! With their wallpaper with deliciously retro patterns, the rooms display an old-fashioned charm that counterbalances the cold and somewhat rigid spirit of certain hotels. A perfect stay for lovers of cocooning and comfort ...

A British touch

First Hôtel reisen The First Hôtel Reisen has that little British touch because of its cozy and warm aspect. Its decoration remains very Swedish at heart, with particular care given to the choice of furniture and bedding.

A sought-after decoration

First Hôtel reisen If the ambiance of the rooms is hushed and simple, that of the common areas is totally different: with its baroque decoration and its mysterious atmosphere, it invites relaxation and confidentiality.