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Original toilet accessories

Original toilet accessories

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In this very small room that is the toilet, you can have fun with the decor! And yes, we can opt for original objects or even an offset decoration since it is a passing room. To help you find your style here are some original accessories to discover in pictures.

Colorful toilet paper

Renova Why not bring a playful touch to the bathroom by changing traditional paper? We then adopt colorful rollers or a black model for a more chic atmosphere.

A flower pot as a hand basin

WC point Give an air of cabin in the garden by adopting this washbasin which looks like a flowerpot. You will complete the whole with a natural decoration for a small trip with each passage in the toilets.

An offset toilet brush

Serendipity This object that we don't really like is getting a makeover with this version transformed into a very chic vase. A beautiful way to hide the brush by transforming it into a decorative accessory.

A decorative flap

Wirquin To thematize your room, do not hesitate to call on a patterned seat. Here, we chose a New York model for an original urban atmosphere.

An angel passes

C What To present the toilet paper, we put aside the traditional dispenser and we offer this poetic model which takes the form of an angel. A touch of originality that your guests will appreciate.

A flipchart

Direct D-sign If you are looking for a more original model, you can bet on this triple reel which allows you to create a real decorative painting. With colored rollers, the result is even more successful.

A dedicated sponge

Pa Design To clean up with originality, we adopt this pretty sponge whose motif indicates its destination. Impossible then to confuse the sponge of the bathtub with that of the toilet.

Leaning accessories To create a surprise in these toilets, we adopt bent accessories like the brush and the toilet paper dispenser which tilt for a more designer look.

An original tank

WTKM Finally, if you are ready to do some work, you can adopt this funny tank which represents a can of gasoline. You will never use the toilet again in the same way!