Conforama and Confo Déco present their spring-summer 2015 collections

Conforama and Confo Déco present their spring-summer 2015 collections

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Outdoor furniture, copper creations, graphic patterns, colorful tableware, at Conforama and Confo Déco, summer is already here! Presented to the press this morning, we invite you to discover our 10 favorites in pictures. Nice discovery!

Nature trend for the garden

To preserve the natural atmosphere of the garden, Conforama has imagined a small wooden lounge with taupe cushions. If you like the aesthetics, it's surely its low price that will convince you! Garden furniture Barbados: 99 euros for 2 armchairs and the Lanterne Saria coffee table: from 8.99 euros

Crockery for all tastes

Multicolored glasses to announce summer on the table, elegant porcelain plates or glasses for everyday covered with peas, the dishes show us all the colors! Lot of 6 Technocolors cups: 10 euros Lot of 3 Pois Color glasses: 2.99 euros Jolieblack tableware: 24.90 euros serving 18 plates

Cocoon metal chairs

We fell in love with these white metal chairs that can find their place inside as well as outside. Embellished with graphic cushions, the result is superb! Madura chair: 38.50 euros Graphic cushion: 9.99 euros

Ethnic-inspired laundry baskets

With these laundry baskets imagined in several sizes, you offer yourself a nice assortment of storage for laundry in the bedroom or in the bathroom. The plus: a little ethnic touch that makes us travel! Hanoi laundry basket: from 12.99 euros

Graphics the suspensions!

These graphic suspensions with a soft copper finish are undoubtedly our favorites of this new collection! We can imagine them perfectly in a living room or overhanging a dining room table. Arkeo suspension: 29.90 euros Arkea suspension: 25 euros Wire suspension: 45 euros

Funny chair

To accompany this white lacquered desk with clean lines, Conforama offers the original David chair made of metal tubes and a cozy seat. Nice, right? David chair: 79.90 euros


This summer, the decor uses materials from the 70s by offering furniture made 100% of scoubidou thread! Chair, but also poufs, will be there in cheerful and dynamic colors! Pouffe Scoubi: 34.90 euros Apollonia chair: 55 euros

Chest of drawers or chest of drawers?

In the bedroom, you can choose either the chest of drawers or the chiffonier from the Swen range covered with imitation oak decor paper. The most that appeals to us: the originality of the drawers! Swen chest of drawers: 269 euros Swen chest of drawers: 249 euros

Mosaic in the garden

These folding tables and nesting tables have chosen the graphic motif by choosing a mosaic tray made up of black and white pieces. The garden will love them! Mosaic folding tables: from 35 euros Mosaic nesting tables: 65 euros


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