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La Corbeille Edition in 10 design creations

La Corbeille Edition in 10 design creations

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For objects with an innovative design, we rush to La Corbeille Edition which we appreciate for its playful side which does not lack practicality. You want to know more ? We invite you to discover in pictures 10 creations signed La Corbeille.

The quirky library

La Corbeille Edition At La Corbeille, we are tired of overly classic libraries! We then put on an original shelf which allows the books to be stored obliquely. The whole thing then looks like a modern totem that will dress the walls in style.

The Hô library

La Corbeille Edition With this library, La Corbeille Edition makes a nod to the famous ladders which allow access to books at height. Everything is very graphic and changes from traditional library models!

The Two Snakes shelf

La Trash Edition Always to play the originality card in the storage of books, thanks to a shape that evokes a snake. The advantage: the shelf consists of two modules, so it can be used in different ways.

Coat hanger

La Corbeille Edition Imagined by 5.5 Designers, this coat rack consists of hangers which then serve as coat hooks for a quirky and very practical composition!

Light Cage pendant lamp

La Corbeille Edition Here is an original pendant lamp whose power cable is not used to support the lampshade because it attaches directly to the ceiling! On the design side, the lampshade is also revisited since it takes on the appearance of a bird cage.

The lamp plugged in

La Corbeille Edition Another original lamp! This time La Corbeille is freed from the foot by using a power strip as a base. An idea of ​​5.5 Designers that does not lack humor.

The tutorial lamp

La Corbeille Edition Here is a funny lamp intended not only to light but also to promote the growth of plants since it is installed just above your plants and is adjusted thanks to a tutor.

The heel hook

La Corbeille Edition The hooks are not what they used to be! Today, they offer offset shapes like this shoe sole and heel that will be displayed on the wall. We fix the keys on the magnetic part and hang the clothes on the heel.

The strap table

La Corbeille Edition With this original table with a refined design, the base of the furniture is visible on the top and seems to be nested in the wood as if it were straps. We love its graphic form!