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Hema colors everyday life with its new decorative collection

Hema colors everyday life with its new decorative collection

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Spring is already here at Hema! With its new home collection, your entire interior is adorned with bright colors and at the same time in a good mood! Baskets, throws, boxes, cushions ... discover our 10 favorites as quickly as possible.

A scented candle

Hema Delicious this little scented candle that can be installed in any room of the house. As for its blue color, it makes us travel by the sea in the blink of an eye! 2 euros

A graphic jewelry box

Hema To store all your jewelry graphically in the bedroom, we suggest this very pretty box with green graphic patterns. The plus: its orange color inside which barely puts us in a good mood with the box open! 4 euros

A girly basket

Hema We imagine this big basket perfectly in a little girl's room with a girly look. She can store all her toys there without any problem! 15 euros

A striped plaid

Hema To warm your armchair or your bed, here is a striped fleece blanket that you might like. Summer and winter, we never tire of it! 7 euros

Original peas

Hema These big black peas imagined like little suns bring summer into our decor. The little extra of this basket: it will be a wonderful bag for dirty laundry in the bathroom! 10 euros

A self-adhesive clock

Hema Practice this self-adhesive clock that prevents us from making holes in the wall. With its ultra colorful figures, it will wake up your living room or your kitchen! 10 euros

A colorful hat box

Hema Trop cute this little hatbox on which hundreds of stars have taken place. We particularly like its salmon-colored lid which reminds us of sunny days. 5 euros

A star cushion

Hema We can perfectly imagine this emerald green cushion decorated with small white stars on a somewhat sad rattan armchair. Not you ? 7 euros

A practical basket

Hema Ideal in a laundry room, a child's bedroom or in the bathroom, you can give a thousand and one functions to this basket with soft white and blue stripes. 6 euros


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