10 tips for customizing a ladder at Christmas

10 tips for customizing a ladder at Christmas

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Are you lucky to have a ladder in your garage or attic? You are lucky because, for Christmas, it is the perfect accessory! With three times nothing, you can give it a festive air and even make it enthroned in the living room in place of the tree, playing on its triangular shape and its beautiful size once unfolded. It can easily be adapted to your interior: minimal or overloaded, bright or very natural, it's up to you to add your DIY touch to highlight it!

A covering of branches

Fleur Louis You do not want to worry about a tree this year? Your unfolded ladder will do, once decorated with fir branches. Purchased from a florist for three times nothing and fixed with string, wire or green rilsan necklaces, they recall the traditional tree and give your improvised tree the scent of real!

Paper needles

Fleur Louis This is something to combine business with pleasure and keep children occupied! Make simple garlands with thin strips of green paper stuck on a string, and wrap them around the ladder to dress them with durable needles that will not collect on the floor before the end of the festivities!

Hanging balls

Fleur Louis If you are not making a tree this year, don't hesitate to hang your Christmas balls under the ladder. They will create the illusion by filling the space between the two uprights. Do not hesitate to vary the sizes of the decorations and the length of the suspension wires to form a dense composition and give the whole a 3-dimensional effect.

Support for gifts

Fleur Louis Do you want to use the ladder as a tree? Decorate the fairy lights with garlands only, and preferably leave the bottom free. You can then install one or 2 boards on the last rungs and place your gifts there.

Homemade pennants

Fleur Louis If you have a little time, make one or more garlands of pennants in a green fabric. You can play on the minimalism of a monochrome decor or mix tones or materials, or even mix prints with plain textiles. Once wrapped around the ladder, the garland will give it the bushy look of a fir tree. It is a perfect "Christmas tree" if you have animals or small children for whom classic decorations can be dangerous.

Express pennants

Fleur Louis If you are in a hurry, a garland of felt pennants hot glued to a ribbon will do the trick. Less solid and durable than the sewn version, it will still make the illusion during the holidays!

Simple colorful garlands

Fleur Louis Another quick solution for latecomers, a few minutes are enough to throw a few golden or colored garlands on your wooden stepladder and give a festive air to your garden or your entrance. Play on the accumulation of colors and materials to bring volume to the whole and do not hesitate to add a light garland and a star at the top to play the game of "fir" in resourceful mode.

A giant advent calendar

Fleur Louis Use the ladder as a support to create an advent calendar. You can hang small packages on the rungs or have boards on the different levels to distribute your sweets and small gifts. To avoid spoiling the structure too quickly, start from the bottom to work your way up gradually, and put the last number at the top as a jackpot.

A ladder-tree that mixes ideas

Fleur Louis You can also draw from all of the above ideas and combine those that you like the most. Mix pennants, bulbs and gifts or mix natural branches and hanging balls to create the decor that suits you and best match the context in which you have it. Depending on whether you are skilled with your hands or whether you want to use decorations from previous years, it's up to you to invent the mix that you like!


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