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Dapper green throughout the house

Dapper green throughout the house

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No need to have a green thumb to create a light atmosphere in the house. By selecting a few grass color accessories, you will see that the favorite shade of spring is a great ally to give a breath of novelty to your home sweet home…

Tonic bathroom

Paragraph ### The bathroom has opted for bright green furniture, promising tonic morning awakenings!

100% green

Paragraph ### The table goes green, from the tablecloth to the placemats, including the dishes and even the cutlery. A beautiful green / yellow palette that gives a joyful and light breath to the meal.


Fly ### The new dress code for the living room dresser is a pretty, dapper fresh green. No more gloom, make way for good spring mood!

Green apple

Ikéa ### Green tonic inspiration for this funny bowl of fruit that will certainly not go unnoticed in the kitchen.

Green the kitchen

Ikéa ### The kitchen furniture has opted for a green / white lacquered duo, which imposes a refined and joyful mood when preparing the meal!

Green garden furniture

Ikea ### What could be more natural than opting for green garden furniture in the greenest setting there is?

Plead for green

Ikéa ### To read on the terrace or lounge on the sofa, a plaid is never too much, even in spring! Besides, this one is adorned with a pretty grass color to clearly differentiate itself from winter blankets…

Green ranger

Ikea ### A green mouse…. In the children's room, the color of the cupboards and the carpet turned to leaf green, displaying a natural and cheerful atmosphere at the same time.

Plant curtains

Castorama ### The window treatments were also inspired outside. Combining natural color and plant motifs, it brings us even closer to the garden, even when we are in the living room!