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Discover the Mimi'lou capsule collection at Monoprix

Discover the Mimi'lou capsule collection at Monoprix

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What a joy to discover the poetic universe of Mimi'lou at Monoprix! From February 11, 2015, Miriam Derville and her tender and graphic creations made their debut with the big brand for our greatest pleasure. Wooden or cardboard storage boxes, small notebooks, cushions, paper suspensions ... discover this exclusive collection without further ado.

Teepee print on the cushion

Mimi'lou x Monoprix Graphic and colorful, this cushion signed Mimi'lou will delight the sofas that lack a little cheerfulness! 18 euros

A box to store everything

Mimi'lou x Monoprix Too practical, these wooden boxes that we use in all rooms of the house to drag what is lying around! At the editorial office, we imagine them perfectly in a library, don't you? 20 euros

A paper lantern

Mimi'lou x Monoprix To bring a little lightness in the children's room or why not in the living room, we let ourselves be charmed by this origami spirit paper lantern or soft golden print. 20 euros

A colorful cardboard box

Mimi'lou x Monoprix Cute patterns, pastel or bright colors, it was enough to seduce us than these boxes imagined by Mimi'lou for Monoprix! 10 euros

A little fox on the cover

Mimi'lou x Monoprix Too cute this little blanket on which white and blue stripes and a little fox coexist! On the bed of your little blond head or on a rattan chair, he will stand out. 49 euros

Soft notebooks

Mimi'lou x Monoprix We fell in love with these little notebooks in which we already imagine noting all our decorative desires and our lists of things to do… 5 euros

A practical and joyful kit

Mimi'lou x Monoprix To slip on your makeup accessories and organize your handbag, bet on this very soft case. 15 euros

Gold or silver cover?

Mimi'lou x Monoprix Crunchy these colorful cardboard boxes! What really makes us succumb is their golden or silver lids which give them a super chic look. 14 euros

Rice grain print

Mimi'lou x Monoprix To wake up the living room armchair or simply to add a touch of poetry to your children's bed, we advise you to adopt this pretty flashy yellow cushion. 20 euros