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Before / After: Create a terrace and an ecological swimming pool on a sloping ground

Before / After: Create a terrace and an ecological swimming pool on a sloping ground

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On this beautiful land, a terrace on two levels has been created to accommodate a garden furniture and a natural swimming pool. The landscaper Paul-Emmanuel Ferrard, manager of the company P-E Ferrard, has redesigned the space in front of the house to offer owners an outdoor space worthy of the name and a breathtaking view of the basin and the surrounding countryside. He explains step by step the evolution of the site. ** Area: ** 10,000m² - 80m² terrace ** Budget: ** € 50,000 excl. Tax for the creation of terraces and the ecological swimming pool

Build a terrace on two levels

P-E Ferrard ** After: ** The owners wanted to integrate elements on their medium slope land but also enjoy the view of the countryside. The landscaper therefore designed a terrace on terrace on two levels. The first acts as a garden furniture and dining area while the second has a natural swimming pool fifty centimeters lower. You access the pool using a small staircase of three steps.

Analyze the terrain and the slope

P-E Ferrard ** Before: ** The site did not present any particular difficulties because it was sufficiently accessible. However, because of the sloping ground, a good preliminary survey of the levels was imperative to carry out the preliminary study before embarking on the works.

Clear the garden

P-E Ferrard ** Before: ** The garden also had to be completely cleared and the existing platforms were removed. It was necessary to plow the soil to make it more adherent before it accommodates the terrace and to gradually remove the plant waste.

A set that blends in with the decor

P-E Ferrard ** After: ** The works only concerned the outside areas of the house. The lawn has found a second youth and the landscaper has taken care of all the earthworks, the construction of the terraces and stairs or the installation of an ecological swimming pool. The result ? A Zen and natural atmosphere which in no way distorts the terrain and the style of the residence.

The natural swimming pool

P-E Ferrard ** After: ** Here, no traditional swimming pool but an ecological swimming pool which really blends in with the decor. You would almost believe that the field has always been endowed with this basin! The different levels of terraces allow you to separate the water point and its deckchairs from the dining area where you can share a barbecue with friends.

Dig the basin

P-E Ferrard ** In progress: ** Before the work was completed, the basin had to be dug and filled. Then the lawn could be sown. On this image, we can see the structure of the IPE wooden terraces and the swimming pool coping, designed in Belgian blue stone (from the quarries of Hainaut). These natural materials are perfect for an outdoor space.

Hiding a fence in a ditch

P-E Ferrard ** In progress: ** The little extra of the project? The creation of a ditch, called "HaHa" in the landscape jargon as Paul-Emmanuel Ferrard explains to us. This recess allows the fence of the meadow to disappear (visually at least). It gives the impression of an extension of the garden and does not break the view from the terrace located above.

Hilly terrain

P-E Ferrard ** After: ** The different levels of the terraces and the ditch give the impression that the terrain is naturally hilly, which gives it an incredible charm. And obviously, the dog as the horses of the neighboring ground seem to be quite there!

Japanese vegetation

P-E Ferrard ** After: ** On the ends of the ecological pool, the vertical vegetation gives a Japanese style and resolutely Zen. One could contemplate the view of the garden and this pond for hours. For more information, visit the P-E Ferrard website


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