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DIY: decorations for the Christmas tree to make with children

DIY: decorations for the Christmas tree to make with children

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You don't have to break the piggy bank to renew the Christmas decorations. With a little creative leisure equipment and recycling equipment, you can make pretty Christmas decorations for the tree at a low cost. In addition to making a gesture for the planet, it also keeps children busy on Wednesdays and weekends. Discover 10 ideas to make an ecological and economical Christmas decoration!

Little elves and owls in pine cones and felt These little elves and owls made from pine cones and felt will make your children proud! These creations are very simple to make, you can hang them on the tree or enhance them in your interior or in the children's room.

Origami Christmas decorations / Christmas decorations can be made of paper, with origami folding. You can make different shapes in different colors: square, diamond, pyramid or animals. Once your folding done, just attach a wire to hang your paper decorations. You can make origami decorations with your children's drawings. To find the free printable from Minieco, it's here!

Gourmet Christmas decorations / With the children, make shortbread and gingerbread cookies to hang them on the tree. They will be delighted to create these gourmet decorations of different shapes, there are very original cookie cutters. Plan a hole to slide a ribbon and hang them on the tree!

Paper flakes / With only paper and scissors, you can make pretty paper flakes. Better to take a little thick paper so that your flakes are resistant. Find Dollyjessy's tutorial!

Recycled rolled paper decorations / Don't throw away your old magazines, you can recycle them by creating baubles and Christmas decorations! The rolled paper technique, called ** quilling **, is a very fun activity to do with children. Balls, angels, characters or animals, the limits are those of your imagination and your dexterity!

Christmas balls to fill / Feathers, fimo decorations, branches, rafia, candy or preparation for hot chocolate, you can put whatever you want in Christmas balls. In glass or plastic, you will find Christmas balls, in decoration shops and garden centers. Find our great tutorial idea with transparent balls!

Wool Christmas decorations / It's not just the pompoms that you can create with wool! We can make Christmas trees, stars, balls,… with a mechanical knitting machine or with liquid glue, it's up to you!

Original garlands / We revisit the traditional garland by making a Scandinavian model with wooden balls and diamonds. Or by making a Christmas garland full of scents with dried orange rings and cinnamon sticks.

Christmas decorations in plaster or salt dough / Children love kneading and punching shapes. You just need to buy a small block of plaster in a hobby shop or prepare a salt dough to create pretty decorations to hang on the tree.