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A touch of copper in my bathroom

A touch of copper in my bathroom

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Previously reserved for plumbing, copper has now taken our interiors by storm. Elegant, bright and warm, it brings a real plus in decoration, provided you play it with small touches. In the bathroom, it works wonders instead of the endless chrome! Faucet, mirror or towel holder, offers a selection of copper items to decorate or furnish a bathroom that suits you.

Towel rack

Urban Outfitters Unmissable in the bathroom, the towel rack is a very practical accessory but which is nonetheless design. In copper, it will spontaneously warm the atmosphere of the room for a refined and refined decoration.

The metal basket

Pimkie Whether used for depositing dirty laundry or wet towels, your bathroom basket can become a real decorative asset. In copper metal and with graphic patterns, it will undoubtedly make your daily life more pleasant!

The soap dispenser

Urban Outfitters In small touches, copper really gives the look of a room. In the bathroom, replace your soap dispenser and toothbrush jar with copper versions. You will see, it changes everything!

The table mirror

Maisons du Monde If there is one place where you can look at yourself from every angle, it is the bathroom. You can never have too many mirrors! To complete the glass above your sink, opt for a table mirror (on a shelf or a dressing table. Convenient to unclutter the bathroom!

The scented candle

Metashopstore / Factory ce rohs Who says bathroom says ritual of care and well-being. The next time you take a bath, remember to light your scented candle with charming copper highlights. Relaxation and cocooning atmosphere guaranteed!

The metal storage basket

Simons To store all of our care, beauty and make-up products, you can never have too many boxes and storage spaces in our bathroom. With this adorable copper metal basket, not only will your accessories always be tidy, but the whole will have style.

The metal trash can

Bloomingville No bathroom without the usual metal trash can. It must be said that it does us a good service! So play the decor card thoroughly and choose it in a copper version, much more cheerful with its mirror reflections.

The hanging planter

Hruskaa on Etsy In the bathroom, green plants bring a welcome touch of chlorophyll for a Zen touch. To enhance them, think of original containers, like hanging copper pots. Your bathroom will look like a tropical haven.


Vola The copper accessories for the bathroom are not enough for you? Dare to go further with a tailor-made, fully copper-plated tap. A retro wink for which you will be rewarded so much this room of your interior will have an effect!