A 22m² studio that looks just like the adults

A 22m² studio that looks just like the adults

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Transforming a bedroom into a real independent accommodation is the challenge taken up by architect Cyril Rheims by imagining this ultra-functional 22m² studio. From the living space to the bathroom, nothing has been left to chance and each square meter has been optimized so that this small apartment looks like a big one.

Retro lights for the living space

Mahault de St Hilaire More than a decorative object, these tinted glass pendant lights diffuse a beautiful warm light.

Tailor-made storage

Mahault de St Hilaire The platform designed by the architect allows for more storage space. This niche, for example, was used to store a motorcycle helmet.

A multifunction bed

Mahault de St Hilaire Here, no sofa to unfold before going to bed. A real bed is simply hidden under a platform. Mounted on casters, it goes from bed to sofa in a jiffy. And for the little space-saving tip, a wooden board was used to serve both as a sofa backrest and as a headboard.

A small, well-equipped kitchen

Mahault de St Hilaire With its row of cupboards, this small kitchen is both practical and stylish. The gray doors contrast with the wood of the worktop for a modern look in harmony with the rest of the apartment.

A tailor-made work plan

Mahault de St Hilaire To make the kitchen space ultra functional, a work surface extends over its entire length. Made to measure, it can also be used as a table and all this without taking up space thanks to its triangular shape.

Sober and discreet equipment

Mahault de St Hilaire The appliances are discreet and adapt to the style of the apartment. The black fridge blends into the decor just like the hood whose design makes it a real decorative object while sober.

A canopy for light

Mahault de St Hilaire A glass wall separates the bathroom from the rest of the apartment. It breaks down into several glass sections treated in different ways, sanded for the door, cathedral at the bottom (for privacy) and clear at the top so that our gaze goes from one end to the other of the apartment. .

Dress the wooden walls

Mahault de St Hilaire The transition between the bathroom and the kitchen is warmly done by a set of wooden battens which run on the ceiling and on the wall common to the two rooms.