A studio that mixes recycling and tricks

A studio that mixes recycling and tricks

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A Haussmannian building, a terrace in the heart of Paris, a home a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower and all bathed in light ... this small Parisian apartment had everything to please its future owner with one detail: there was no separate bedroom. But never mind ! In order not to give up on this charming studio, she imagined with three times nothing several spaces in one.

A multifunctional piece of furniture

Mahault de St Hilaire A vintage library serves as a separation between the lounge area and the bedroom area. In addition to defining the room, it provides storage and style.

Vintage accessories for each space

Mahault de St Hilaire With their white walls and neutral tones, living room and bedroom work as a harmonious whole. It is the accessories that the owner has found, such as cushions or frames, which give them their own identity.

A romantic bedroom

Mahault de St Hilaire A few touches of pink bring softness and romance to the bedroom which does not lack fantasy either with these two cushions decorated with flowers. And to optimize the space, the room's decorative fireplace has been transformed into a bedside table.

A united and luminous painting

Mahault de St Hilaire The studio has been painted mainly in white to enlarge the space and reflect the light, one of the many advantages of this apartment.

Optimizing spaces

Mahault de St Hilaire In small apartments, each room has its importance. Here, the hallway has been fitted out to provide more storage space while retaining the recuperative spirit of the studio.

Objects found for entry

Mahault de St Hilaire A mirror cabinet door and a mottled bird cage, objects under a bell… the entrance has been transformed into a small cabinet of curiosities.

A curtain for a modular space

Mahault de St Hilaire To isolate the living room from the bedroom and gain privacy when it receives, the owner has installed a large gray curtain as a separation.

Spirit recuperated in the bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire The bathroom has also adopted the recycled spirit with this wooden chest of drawers and this antique chandelier.

A terrace that will take your breath away

Mahault de St Hilaire The breathtaking view over the rooftops of Paris adorns this sunny terrace by itself. So to enjoy it while creating a cozy space, all you needed was a few mismatched armchairs and a carpet with graphic prints.