30 small kitchens to take as a model

30 small kitchens to take as a model

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Opt for a retractable socket

Darty Kitchens

This electrical installation is more and more acclaimed by kitchen designers. It allows a significant space saving in a small kitchen, but also more security because the electrical outlets are protected from splashes of water or grease.

Sliding door storage


You don't necessarily think of it at first, but the doors of cupboards and drawers waste space in the kitchen. Conversely, a sliding storage unit allows you to store as many dishes but does not clutter up the space.

Built-in mini fridge under the worktop


The fridge is often THE puzzle in a small kitchen. In this corner room, the small refrigerator fits perfectly with the kitchen elements, since its small size allows it to slip under the worktop. Space saving guaranteed!

Installing a jealousy cabinet

Darty Kitchens

Another alternative to the handles of traditional cupboards: the jealousy cabinet. This type of storage has a drop-down flap, which keeps your utensils and appliances away from view and dust, without losing part of the work surface.

A two in one dining table


Is your apartment not large enough to accommodate a dining room? Choose a small island that turns into a dining table to accommodate two or three people. This practical dining area will save you time in the kitchen in addition to optimizing the space.

A functional central island

Darty Kitchens

The central island is not only reserved for spacious American kitchens. This model is not only used to prepare good meals. It also has many open and closed storage spaces to store a maximum of utensils and bulky objects in a minimum of space.

A clever and unusual drawer

Darty Kitchens

Beware of appearances ... In this Bastille Concorde kitchen signed Darty, this drawer does not contain cutlery but it hides a flat surface, to be used as a cutting board or as a snack corner.

Easy-to-install shelves


For additional storage in a small kitchen, think of the removable shelves that just put on the worktop. You can thus optimize the space by finding a place for your paper towel roll or condiments for example.

Niches in the central island

Darty Kitchens

Optimizing every corner of the room also means having storage space in a central island, in order to have all your containers and pots at hand while you are developing a recipe.

A kitchen in an alcove


If you have an alcove in your living room, this may be an opportunity for you to create a small open kitchen. Here, it is the snack plan that marries the wall that makes the transition between the two rooms with a lot of modernity.

Cement tiles


The kitchens in small spaces are often chosen white to bring light. It's a good idea, but be aware that you can warm it up by betting on a trendy cement tile splashback.

A homemade tablet

Leroy Merlin

In this small kitchen, it was of course impossible to bring in a table for meals. A shelf made with brackets and a wooden board was therefore made to measure to best adapt to the space available.

A multifunction island


As well work plan, space to have breakfast, dresser, library for cookbooks, cupboard with utensils, this small central island has everything and gives a lot of good points to this mini kitchen!

Discreet cuisine


With its clever storage and handle-free finishes, this discreet model is welcome in a small kitchen that wishes to maintain a refined atmosphere. The plus: a practical and space-saving snack plan for meals.

Built in furniture


To have the impression of a larger kitchen when you run after square meters, you can also fit your furniture and appliances. Space saving guaranteed!

A kitchen block


This super smart kitchen unit will please more than one studio that dreams of a functional kitchen full of storage.

A credenza bar

Leroy Merlin

In small kitchens, consider optimizing the splashback! A stainless steel bar to hang utensils and spices ... and voila!

Showcases for ventilation


The showcases, again very fashionable, are ideal for bringing a little light in a small kitchen.

Open cupboards


To avoid overloading a small kitchen, the idea found here is to leave a few cupboards without a door and choose a flashy shade for the alcove to give a boost to the whole. Nice, right?

Optimizing every corner


In this very small kitchen, each wall has been optimized to take advantage of as much storage and worktop as necessary. The idea to remember if despite this you still lack space: add long furniture in the living room to slide the dishes for example.

Choose an angle worktop


If you have few walls to devote to tall furniture in your small kitchen, we advise you to favor corner worktops like here. You can still enjoy a nice low storage space.

Have a sliding table

Leroy Merlin

It is sometimes almost impossible to set up a table in your small kitchen for meals. Our tip to sting if you encounter this problem: opt for a sliding table that moves easily according to your needs.

Opt for smart storage


In a small kitchen, it is essential to play smart to be able to store everything! To start, we don't hesitate to devote a whole wall to storage and above all, we multiply practical tips like sliding cupboards, organizer drawers…

Attach furniture above the door


To lose no square centimeter of storage space on the wall, we optimize as much as possible by taking advantage of the space above the door to fix tall furniture. Our advice to lighten the decor: bet on lighter display cases, especially if you install a few light spots.

Install a tablet for breakfast

Leroy Merlin

Here is a good idea to be able to have breakfast in your small kitchen: fix a thin shelf, like a bar, and add high stools. A great space-saving solution!

Use a functional buffet


If outside, this buffet lets nothing appear, know that it contains a table that will come in handy at lunch or dinner. All you have to do is frame it with folding chairs which also don't take up space.

Bet on color

Leroy Merlin

To give a little character to a small kitchen, we do not hesitate to bet on color! Here, it is the eggplant that prevails, and good humor is indeed there! The most practical: a credenza on a blackboard on which you can write your shopping lists, recipes…

Divide the furniture in half


This idea of ​​arrangement is rather original but it happens to be really effective in small kitchens. Separating the furniture in this way allows you to move around easily without having to contort to move from one room to another. We accept !

Multiply utensil bars


To free up space in the few drawers in your small kitchen, we suggest that you multiply the metal bars on the wall on which you can hang your utensils, pots, pans or colanders.