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C! PRINT 2015: personalized decoration through printing

C! PRINT 2015: personalized decoration through printing

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The famous C! Print 2015 edition, dedicated to visual communication and the graphics industries, took place in Lyon on February 3, 4 and 5. Focusing in particular on the layout of points of sale and spaces, personalization and interior decoration, the show was an opportunity to discover all the innovations in decoration. Full of new ideas to brighten up and personalize the house. The graphic arts are trying to respond more and more to the constraints of decorators, architects and town planners. Focus on these new technologies which reinvent decoration.

Transfer films for textile printing

Arnaud BRASSAC Transfer films are used for printing on textiles. Are thus presented all the possibilities offered by printing in terms of choice of patterns, illustration. It remains to choose its textile support (clothes, curtains. From this transfer film, we can customize its decoration as desired.

Wallpaper effect on stretched canvas

Arnaud BRASSAC From the transfer film, the pattern is printed on the textile support. This can dress a wall. The stretched canvas gives a surprising wallpaper effect.

Printable fabric mounted on frame

Arnaud BRASSAC Mounted on a frame, the printable fabric allows an original and personalized wall decoration at home.

Frame mounting

Arnaud BRASSAC Demonstration of "Do It Yourself"! The printable fabric for decoration JetTex stretched on flat surfaces gives free rein to your imagination. The applications are numerous and allow the creation of decorative objects according to your desires.

Cut out hangers

Arnaud BRASSAC Personalization is at its peak. The material offered in different thicknesses is printed and then cut in Illustrator to create objects like this hanger. We choose its pattern, its illustration, its shape and everything is possible!

Backlit partition

Arnaud BRASSAC This backlit partition is made of a Lumitex textile from TECTEX "sewn rush" and mounted in a modular Bi Matrix structure. Make way for signage declined in 2 forms, in digital media or on textile for an almost similar rendering… Amazing! The textile frame like a large screen can be installed on a backlit box. Guaranteed effect.

My Print House

Arnaud BRASSAC The My Print House area presents all the possibilities offered by printing to personalize its interior. From the ground to the ceiling ! Furniture, textiles, wallpaper, curtains, tiles, doors, windows ... As many printable supports as the choice of patterns. Dressing of the fridge or the coffee machine, adhesives, decorative accessories, My print house shows the whole range of possibilities for a unique house, "yours"!

Printed textile curtain

Arnaud BRASSAC Here is a curtain printed on "Snowtex" satin fabric from TECTEX. Textile printing is part of the decor ... The printable fabric now meets expectations in terms of quality, falling, touching. A technical but also an aesthetic revolution.

Cardboard deer head

Arnaud BRASSAC The printed feather cardboard gives birth to unexpected objects. From plane surfaces cut, modeled and assembled, we thus create 3D products like this mural deer head. In addition to technical performance, there is a new creative, decorative and architectural dimension. It's your turn !