47m² of Parisian chic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

47m² of Parisian chic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

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When the owner of this 47m² bought it, it was in very bad condition. But its location near the Eiffel Tower made it a place of choice. To make his dreams come true, the architect Nicolas Nicolini has transformed this old interior into a modern, chic and cozy apartment.

A graphic kitchen in black and white

Mahault de St Hilaire In a small kitchen, the important thing is storage. But if you can do it in style and simply it's even better. From the lines drawn by these long black shelves to the dishes available only in black and white, everything has been thought of to meet the graphic style of the room without making a hole in the budget.

Copper to warm the room

Mahault de St Hilaire To light the dining area, the architect chose copper pendant lights. In addition to bringing modernity to the room, copper makes this kitchen warmer.

A sober entry

Mahault de St Hilaire The taupe color is an excellent choice if you want to adopt a sober and timeless color for a room, like here, for the entrance.

Optimizing storage in the entrance

Mahault de St Hilaire To dress the walls and optimize the space offered by the entrance, several storage elements have been added such as the coat rack, the letter carrier and the storage compartment.

A chic and cozy little room

Mahault de St Hilaire This small sleeping area has been designed as a cozy and chic space with its black, gray and green hues and warm lighting. To save space, the headboard has been transformed into storage space.

A bench at the end of the bed

Mahault de St Hilaire This bench at the end of the bed provides a two-in-one solution to the bedroom: it is both an additional seat and an excellent support for putting down your daily business.

An original bedside lamp

Mahault de St Hilaire A pendant lamp is used as a bedside lamp. Attached to a baroque frame, it brings a touch of originality to the decor of the room. A tip to adopt!

Dim lights for the sleeping area

Mahault de St Hilaire In addition to the bedside lamps, a dim light is diffused by lighting hidden behind a panel of tapestry.

Green for a cozy bedroom

Mahault de St Hilaire Rather than playing the white card and thus enlarging this small room, the architect chose to create a real cozy little nest by betting on dark and contrasting colors, like this black and this shades of green.

A sleek bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire Thanks to its white walls, this bathroom is bathed in light. The architect played on a few decorative elements, such as this round basin or this marbled tile, to give it style.

A very chic living room

Mahault de St Hilaire Like the bedroom and the kitchen, the lounge area plays daring with dark tones like black and green. Accompanied by the gold of the mirror and the copper of the lamp, they bring a chic spirit to the room.

A tropical wallpaper for the living room

Mahault de St Hilaire The living room has been personalized with foliage wallpaper. Covering a whole section of wall, it gives the living room a tropical-chic atmosphere.

Create an armchair in a niche

Mahault de St Hilaire Reinforcement in a wall offers many possibilities. Here, it has been fitted out with a few cushions to give the living room a third seat.

A niche for storage

Mahault de St Hilaire With a few shelves, a recess can become an excellent storage space at a lower cost.

A "museum" fireplace

Mahault de St Hilaire A condemned fireplace can be used to highlight some decorative objects without cluttering.

A lamp to make yourself

Mahault de St Hilaire This useful and decorative jar lamp is a good DIY idea, easy and affordable.

A large mirror for a small room

Mahault de St Hilaire By choosing dark shades for the living room, the architect had to find other solutions to reflect the natural light of this apartment. So he put a large mirror over the fireplace.

Dress up white walls

Mahault de St Hilaire As in the kitchen, the decor has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. The door frame that separates the living room from the bathroom has been painted black to create a graphic line and energize this white wall.

Decorative detail in the living room

Mahault de St Hilaire With its golden frame and its original shape, this mirror brings a chic touch to the decor of the room.