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When the crib also appeals to adults

When the crib also appeals to adults

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Usually reserved for toddlers, the cot with bars also appeals to adults in a revisited form because here, only aesthetics count! We invite you to discover a selection of beds for adults who revisit the famous crib with little ones.

A romantic version crib

Ikea For adults, the bed with metal bars plays the card of subtlety by offering scrolls that replace the traditional bars. This gives a romantic atmosphere to the room, especially when choosing white metal.

A traditional crib

Maisons du monde In a room with charming furniture, the traditional metal crib plays on the card of an ideal retro atmosphere. It adds a romantic atmosphere that will be particularly appreciated in a family home.

A cot with bars for a classic atmosphere

Maisons du monde In this room with classic accents, the metal bar bed plays the card of tradition and is enriched with a canopy to make the bed the centerpiece of space.

An industrial version crib

Maisons du monde The crib does not fail to adapt to all style trends. So, for an industrial atmosphere, he puts on a coarser metal and only a few bars that accompany a metal plate.

A cot with bars for an oriental atmosphere

Maisons du monde Metal is a key ingredient in oriental atmospheres. Thus, the bed swaps its bars against scrolls for a style that never fails to make you travel.

A pop bed

Purpose In its pop version, the bed with bars offers horizontal bars that dress in a bright color to wake up the whole room.

A Zen-style crib

Goal Finally, for a Zen atmosphere, the metal bars are transformed into delicate branches that evoke nature. Serenity guaranteed to spend sweet nights.