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A decorative bowl for my animal!

A decorative bowl for my animal!

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If you are sometimes ashamed to leave your dog's or cat's bowls visible, know that there are also very decorative solutions. The designers are now interested in the accessories of our beloved animals to the delight of the masters.

A funny bowl

Behind the door Why not opt ​​for a humorous bowl? You will find many models with messages like at Derrière la Porte where the bowl is transformed into a doggie troquet. A decor that has dog!

A bone bowl

A di Alessi No doubt about the use of this bowl which has a giant bone on its black edge. The look is pretty design and original for all doggies who love to chew bones!

A dog bowl

A di Alessi This bowl with a UFO look has a decorative cover that will close it once the meal is over for a more decorative style. The icing on the cake ? A small dog looks beautiful at the top of the lid.

A cat bowl

A di Alessi Cats are also entitled to their very decorative bowl with a lid which allows the dining area to be closed. Here, it's a little white cat who sits on top of the lid.

Two in one bowl

A di Alessi No doubt, this bowl is made for cats since a funny little cat rereads two bowls, one for food and one for water, in order to create a real servant for our animal friends.

A very chic bowl

La Pet Avenue For animals who love luxury, we put on a golden bowl. Very chic, the bowl will be a real gem placed on your floor. It only remains to offer food worthy of your companions.