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NIPPRIG: discover the new capsule collection from Ikea

NIPPRIG: discover the new capsule collection from Ikea

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Imagined and designed with renewable natural materials, NIPPRIG is the result of a meeting between Ikea designers and Vietnamese and Indonesian artisans. Each object and piece of furniture in this capsule collection has been produced with respect for traditional weaving methods by carefully mixing ancestral know-how and design. Presentation in images of the new products available from March 7, 2015.

Green accents

Ikea For more originality, we can also opt for the flashy green model which will bring a note of good humor in a living room or in a veranda. Rattan armchairs: 49 euros Rattan side table: 45 euros

100% natural boxes

Ikea We fell in love with these seagrass boxes in plant colors, which will bring a natural touch to your decor. Seagrass boxes: 12.95 euros for a set of 3 sizes

Original coat hooks

Ikea With their authentic style, these rattan coat hooks have not left us indifferent. Single or triple model, you just have to choose! Hanger with 3 rattan hooks: 8.99 euros Hanger with rattan: 2.99 euros

Decorative hats

Ikea To give your decor a holiday in the countryside, adopt one of the seagrass hats offered in this Ikea capsule collection without further ado. Seagrass hat: 1.99 euros

Baskets to store everything

Ikea Living room, bedroom, bathroom, all the rooms in the house will want their bamboo basket from the NIPPRIG collection. And you ? The bamboo basket: from 4.99 euros

A sofa that breathes nature

Ikea Soft, warm, this rattan sofa makes us want to relax with a good book. We will love it this summer! Rattan sofa: 99 euros

A traditional floor cushion

Ikea This floor cushion made of water hyacinth recalls those used in Asian countries and installed near the coffee table. Practical, we move it as we see fit! Water hyacinth floor cushion: 15 euros

Baskets for all tastes

Ikea A basket for storing condiments, another for hanging towels or dirty laundry ... you are spoiled for choice! Rattan compartment basket: 6.90 euros Seagrass beach bag: 5.99 euros

A very soft table

Ikea Fancy a table that smells of nature all year round? Here is a braided placemat and a hanging bamboo shade that you might like. Bamboo lampshade: from 19.95 euros Water hyacinth table set: 1.50 euros