Space-saving tips for this old workshop shed

Space-saving tips for this old workshop shed

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From sanitation to decoration and layout, the interior designer Estelle Griffe transformed this former workshop shed of 10 m2 into a functional and pleasant apartment, despite its reduced size. We open the doors to this smart apartment for you.

Modulate space

Calixte Moisan "Concretely, it was a question of arranging an almost perfect volume: a cube of a little more than 3m of edge" affirms Estelle Griffe. The technical spaces: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, wardrobe, office, library and staircase were thus rejected on the periphery, against the partitions and ceilings to release a comfortable and bright volume of life and circulation near the canopy. In addition, priority was given to small-volume furniture such as this bench seat signed AM PM or this convertible formica table mottled by the architect.

Pieces of character

Calixte Moisan Inspired by the genius of the place, Estelle Griffe has sublimated the space by integrating contemporary and refined pieces such as this metal stool diverted into a sublime coffee table imagined by the architect or this very graphic light fixture.

A set of doors

Calixte Moisan To visually increase the space, the architect worked on the interstices and the interweaving of the volumes thanks to sets of doors. Four doors that allow the different zones to be arranged in a practical and functional way, thus creating separate living spaces.

The art of camouflage

Calixte Moisan Estelle Griffe imagined a birch wood wall that hides the kitchen and the bathroom. This allows to partition the volumes, while retaining the necessary comfort that one is entitled to expect in his apartment.

Temporality of uses

Calixte Moisan To avoid cluttering the space and increasing volumes, Estelle wanted to work on the temporality of uses by favoring modular and evolving furniture according to uses and times of the day. For the kitchen, the trick found was to create a half-dresser, half-pantry door.

Get to the point

Calixte Moisan Not always easy to arrange your kitchen when you have a reduced space. Faced with this constraint, Estelle Griffe chose to install a small hob, sink and faucet. This bias allowed the built-in pantry cabinet, when the wall is closed.

Three in one furniture

Calixte Moisan Exit the uncomfortable miller's ladder and gives way to practicality with this staircase with Japanese steps which also serves as office and storage. To reinforce the comfort of use of the staircase and bring it a touch of modernity a tubular ramp was also installed.

A well thought out mezzanine

Calixte Moisan For the different spaces, the architect also worked on the dimensions by imagining a kind of modulor for micro-spaces. For the bedroom, she thus reduced the mezzanine to the size of the bed, thus creating a vacuum above the kitchen. Storage shelves were also installed to allow the young student to keep his books nearby.

A compact walk-in bathroom

Calixte Moisan Forgotten the hinged door which requires clearance for the leaf during opening. To optimize space, the bathroom door has been concealed in the birch partition. The joint opening of the bathroom and the closet also made it possible to create a temporary dressing room and double the surface area of ​​the powder room.