Appliances are exposed on the work plan

Appliances are exposed on the work plan

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In the kitchen, some small household appliances have become essential! So to always have them on hand, we expose them on the work plan for the practical side but also very decorative! Zoom on these devices that make the show in the kitchen.

An oil-free fryer

Purpose When you're a family, fries are sure to be children's favorite menu. But today, fryers offer oil-free systems and make all kinds of dishes. We then leave the appliance on the work surface to help us in all our cooking.

A coffee machine

Goal For some, the meal cannot be envisaged without a coffee that finishes it. We then leave the coffee machine on the worktop to always have a cup nearby. In addition, the coffee machines compete in originality in terms of design so that everyone can find their own.

A toaster

Purpose A true ally of breakfast, the toaster has above all become an ultra-design object that is displayed without complex on the work surface. If you do not have too much space, you can also place it high to keep it as a decorative object and that it is easily accessible.

A kneading robot

Aim For all your preparations and especially for baking, the kneading machine is a real ally. You will leave it on the worktop to avoid taking it out each time you use it, which will encourage you to use it to the full!

A blender

Purpose The blender is truly your ally in the kitchen, whether for breakfast, lunch or even a snack, it will allow you to make delicious smoothies but also cold soups and many other preparations.

Breakfast accessories

Purpose Generally, breakfast sets include a coffee maker, kettle and toaster. So as not to waste time in the morning, leave these devices on your work plan to start the day off right.

A microwave oven

Aim To easily reheat leftovers but also for your lunches on the go, the microwave will not save you time. It is left on the work surface so that it is accessible to the whole family.

A juicer

Paragraph For lovers of fresh fruit juice, leave the juicer on the worktop to avoid looking for it in the cupboards in the morning. Ideal in a vitamin kitchen!

A multifunctional robot

Arthur Bonnet Finally, for all budding chefs, nothing beats a multi-function robot that will help you in all your culinary preparations. The good news is that they are always more decorative than each other!