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A musical style in the teenage bedroom

A musical style in the teenage bedroom

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Your teen has a boundless passion for music and you want to make their room a young and dynamic space dedicated to their favorite hobby. The musical style is made for you! Reinvent your teenager's decor by focusing on original, unusual and quirky objects that reflect his personality. Cushion, stickers, coffee table, wall decoration… decked out with these very trendy accessories, your teenager will no longer have any fear of bringing his friends back into this universe that resembles him.

A radio cassette cushion

Meninos The legendary radio cassette player finds a second youth with this ultra-fashionable cushion that will propel your teen, in the blink of an eye, into the heart of the 80s. Years when rappers wandered in the street with these music behemoths. their shoulders.

A pop room

Conforama Wake up the artist who lies dormant in your teenage girl by selecting decorative objects inspired by the pop art movement for a refreshing atmosphere. Breathe new life into this interior by favoring a tangy and invigorating decoration, rounded shapes and offbeat elements… A reproduction of one of the emblematic paintings of the famous painter Roy Lichtenstein or a guitar for the musical touch.

Musical pictograms

Purpose Music, an original theme for decorating a teenage bedroom. Treble clef, musical notes, guitars or others make up this lot of fun and fun cushions. They will bring vitality and a pop rock side to the decoration of your teenager's room.

A very rock'n roll sticker

Deco Spray The sticker is also a fun way to add a musical touch to your teen's bedroom. Lovers of rock, your teenager will be seduced by this sticker which will give him the illusion of attending a concert and vibrating to the rhythm of his favorite sounds.

A vinyl revisited in vintage clock

Peacots & plaid Did you think old vinyl obsolete and uninteresting? Think again, revisited in a vintage clock, old vinyl is transformed into a trendy object, essential in a decoration of a musical chamber. It will charm your teenager adept at 33 laps and will bring a colorful note to its interior.

A stylish vinyl table

The flourishing abode. Transforming an old vinyl into a trendy object is possible! Elegant and wildly original, the coffee table with vinyl record will be welcome in a teenage bedroom with a trendy look. An interesting way to express your interest in music!

A space dedicated to music

Ikea To be able to indulge his passion, your teenager must have a dedicated space where he can sing, mix or even dance. We put on sobriety and practicality by dressing its interior with a simple microphone, a mixer and platinum discs arranged here and there.

A British and musical room

Aim To meet your teenager's desire to escape, we dare to mix styles and we adopt the British musical style without remorse. For this, we bet on decorative objects of British style and we play on the color code of the country. Cushions printed with the name of the capital and the English flag and a carpet decorated with two guitars.

A very rock'n roll room

Maisons du Monde Rock is in the spotlight in this trendy room. To recreate a musical atmosphere in the bedroom of his teenager and give him a little rebellious side nothing more simple. We opt for original and unusual decorative objects: an XXL guitar, a painting and stickers with rock inscription, vinyl records, a radio… All options are good to take.