Contemporary decor at the top in this alpine chalet

Contemporary decor at the top in this alpine chalet

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Airbnb, we love it for booking our holidays… but also for getting inspired! Because the ski holidays are here, we invite ourselves to a host in the Chamonix valley spotted on the rental platform. Here, the sleek and contemporary design sets out to conquer the summits to revisit the traditional chalet style with brio and with ease. Demonstration.

A mixture of light wood and clean lines

Airbnb Let’s go and warm ourselves by the fireside… Outside the riot of dark woods and animal trophies! Thanks to the magic wand of interior designer Leslie Gauthier, the lounge area boasts a design and contemporary spirit that gives pride of place to light, high ceilings, light wood and clean lines. You can imagine enjoying a glass of wine by the fireside, lulled by the gentle rocking of the RAR chair by Charles & Ray Eames.

User-friendliness and design style in the dining room

Airbnb The decor of the dining room is inspired by the Scandinavian mountains! Ground covered with rustic oak, walls clad in spruce wood, exposed beams and tables in solid teak give the replica to the design of the chairs and stools of the bar to create a very contemporary decor. The whole is nicely lit by the play of lights and multiple exhibitions which benefits the living room.

Scandinavian cuisine

Airbnb The Scandinavian spirit comes into the kitchen, with natural and functional charm as desired. Blond wood, light bath, white walls and clean lines help to spread the heat around the stoves. A few touches of black and stainless steel hardly dare to counterbalance the soothing tones of wood. We are surreptitiously getting closer to the Alps… Scandinavian mountains!

In the sauna, raw materials and light effects

Airbnb True to the spirit of the Nordic regions, the sauna always warms the atmosphere a little more, just like the marriage of blond wood, stone and slate tiles that decorate the interior from floor to ceiling. Here, raw materials and light effects are enough in themselves.

Clean style and blond wood in the spotlight in the rooms

Airbnb The three bedrooms meet the codes of chalet decor with Nordic accents. Omnipresent natural blond wood, paneled ceiling and Scandinavian inspired furniture warm the temperature in all subtlety. In this room, the touches of color distilled on the cushions, the plaid and the wall decoration regulate the thermostat to the point to improvise a cocooning session.

Make way for natural light!

Airbnb Roof window, French window, balconies and multiple orientation games help to diffuse natural light and the feeling of clarity in all rooms of the chalet, from the living room to the bedrooms located in the attic. Result: the Airbnb chalet is bathed in beautiful natural light that echoes the natural tones of wood.

Contemporary interior right down to the bathroom

Airbnb The three bathrooms give pride of place to materials with contemporary design. We love this bathroom which fits perfectly under the eaves bathed in light. The apparent coldness of white is here counterbalanced by the omnipresence of blond wood and by the red which plays the divas on the vanity unit. A very nice way to optimize the space which does not detract from the charm of the chalet spirit.

The brute force of blond wood

Airbnb We continue with a small room inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. Here, the charcoal gray of the duvet cover matches the headboard and the slate on the floor. We find it all the way to the bathroom motifs where it combines with contemporary elements. In this room, as in the rest of the chalet, the brute force of natural blond wood envelops us instantly.

A dream chalet to stay at altitude

Chalet des Liarets Its refined decor perched at altitude, its large living room with Scandinavian accents, its three bedrooms with private bathrooms, its panoramic view and its location a few steps from the slopes and the legendary Chamonix make this Airbnb chalet a place where we would see ourselves freeze the moment with family or friends, there, now, immediately ...