10 models of kitchen islands that make you want

10 models of kitchen islands that make you want

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The island is to the kitchen what the island is to travel: a dream space! From the factory style to the family kitchen through the chic bistro spirit: spotlight on the most beautiful models of kitchen islands. To savor for the pleasure of the eyes…

A central bakery-inspired island

Ikea This interior designed by Ikea has the charm of chic bakeries in Paris. The neophytes in the kitchen all dream of being invited to a friend who would be a finalist at Top Chef and who would possess precisely this kind of cuisine where the island reigns supreme in the center of all attention. We saliva in advance!

A central loft-style island

Schmidt kitchens Nice volume for this central island which blends in with the minimalist decor of an old printing house. The circulation and the exchanges are here favored by the fluid and strategic arrangement of the elements of the kitchen. With one press, the doors open, concealing many unexpected storage spaces, as if by magic!

A kitchen island inspired by Parisian chic

Mobalpa Modern design and chic bistro inspiration for this kitchen spotted at Mobalpa. Its island, like a link between the kitchen and the living room, combines colors, materials and functionality with style and elegance. Built-in cabinet blocks and storage add the irresistible final decor touch. The Parisian is definitely aptly named.

Family-style cuisine at Ikea

Ikea We love this warm, family-friendly kitchen where the island reigns supreme, in the center of the space. The preparation area opens harmoniously onto the living room without cluttering it. The kitchen becomes a place of collaborative sharing for all members of the family.

A central island with a bistro feel

Ikea A bistronomer's dream for this 100% open kitchen with Ikea design. Work plan, bar, aperitif corner or snack: everything happens around the kitchen island which plays the conductors in the center of the space. The central island is more than a decorative accessory: it's a way of life!

A bar-style kitchen island

Leicht We continue with an elegant kitchen island, arranged like a bar but not just any one please: THE trendy bar in the capital! The different zones are united around the multifunctional kitchen island. Enough to maintain bistronomic conversations for hours ...

A 1950s-style central island

Schmidt kitchens If the central island is most often used to open up a space, it can also partially partition it. Proof in pictures with this beautiful colorful kitchen from the 1950s. Circulation is organized here around the central island surmounted by a double-sided corner library. A clever trick to save space on the storage side!

The authentic spirit of a wooden kitchen

Leroy Merlin User-friendliness and practicality for this family cuisine which puts wood in the spotlight. The side bar and the worktop create a kitchen island that could not be more central and bring warmth and capacity to the space. To spoil nothing, the storage spaces are numerous.

A kitchen island with a minimalist design

Schmidt kitchens Lacquered facade, simple lines, shine, whiteness and depth: here is the recipe for a designer and minimalist kitchen island with an extra large plan. The Lagune Twin kitchen is a beautiful avant-garde creation reserved for the most daring.