8 styles of stays stung on the show "We change the decor" to get inspiration

8 styles of stays stung on the show "We change the decor" to get inspiration

In search of inspiration for the decor of the living room, we went fishing for ideas on the side of the Téva Déco show "We change the decor". In total: 8 styles for 8 different pieces sorted on the job, each restyled by a decorator. Slideshow.


D'Home Productions ### A fine example of a chic and modern living room decorated with a pronounced masculine taste. Here, decorator Jérémy Herbo has chosen black to form a wide horizontal strip on the wall, for the sofa cushions, the industrial floor lamp, the furniture, the curtains or the armchair. The idea? Give character and character to the decor, a successful bet hands down!


D'Home Productions ### Entering a trendy stay guided by an improper and graphic bias at the same time. Industrial like the metal-look nesting tables, the furniture on wheels and the mix of red, gray and black colors; and graphic like the flat colors of round, striped or solid colors that punctuate the walls…


D'Home Productions ### The key words for this trip? Chic and contemporary. Supporting ? An arched floor lamp, striped curtains in black and white version, padded poufs, a cottony carpet, and an oversized mirror. Its decorator? Charlotte Lhuillier.


D'Home Productions ### Feminine ambiance for this white living room, gently enhanced with an eggplant color, cottony materials and round floral effect suspensions. A setting to dream about signed Christal Perthuis.


D'Home Productions ### Wanting to be warm and discreet, this stay has been redesigned by the decorator Sophie Sinigre thanks to a palette of soft and calm shades, with vegetation climbing delicately on the walls and lines all in roundness. Naturally successful.


D'Home Productions ### Powdered colors, enveloping armchairs, soft sofa, seagrass on the floor, shades of blue and pink for the coffee table, and the romantic atmosphere is created. A magic formula applied by the decorator Eléonore Duforest.


D'Home Productions ### A stay where life is good, that could sum up this cozy version. Its enveloping forms and its warm and dark colors combine to give character to the central room of the house and make it a very cocooning space.