A 135m² Parisian duplex inspired by the 1950s

A 135m² Parisian duplex inspired by the 1950s

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By buying their apartment, this couple of unconditional lovers of the 50s also acquired the maids rooms located above. But the whole was particularly badly designed. So, to successfully transform their accommodation into a magnificent apartment decorated in their image, they called on the agency IXM. Their 135m² has been changed into a real duplex with a 50's look that subtly combines modernity and authenticity.

A round 50's lounge

Mahault de St Hilaire Armchairs and sofa transport us directly to the 1950s. To make this living room a convivial space that is not lacking in originality, all the furniture has been arranged in a circle around the large coffee table.

A library that blends in with the decor

Mahault de St Hilaire In any apartment, there are essentials to have. But when you already have original furniture, it is sometimes difficult to precisely balance between practice and decoration. Here, to integrate a library without overloading the room, we directly nested it in the wall.

A table to dress the wall above the sofa

Mahault de St Hilaire Centerpiece of the living room, the sofa often sets the tone for the decoration of the room. In order to enhance it, the owners have chosen to hang a painting in the same tones.

A vintage and arty living room

Mahault de St Hilaire The living room is a subtle mixture of works of art and retro furniture. With its large canvases on the wall and its mismatched armchairs, the living room cultivates a small arty side.

Play with the frame to cut out the space

Mahault de St Hilaire It is not because living room, kitchen and dining room are not partitioned that we must necessarily think of them as one and the same set. The architects used the framework of this attic apartment to delimit the different rooms and thus imagine different atmospheres.

A skylight for the kitchen

Mahault de St Hilaire The main asset of an attic apartment is light. The architects of this accommodation have not forgotten it. In the kitchen, they created a real skylight as an extension of the window.

A modern and ultra functional kitchen

Mahault de St Hilaire With its gray, red and black shades and its huge worktop, this kitchen displays an ultra modern look while remaining very functional. To harmonize the kitchen area with the rest of the apartment, we put some wooden elements.

Reserve a space for your collection of heterogeneous objects

Mahault de St Hilaire It is not always easy to find a place for all the objects that we collect. The solution ? Staging them as in museums by placing them under a bell, in a display case or on shelves.

Transform the slope under the roofs into storage

Mahault de St Hilaire The framework of an attic apartment or a house offers many possibilities. Here, the architects took advantage of a beam to place shelves above the sideboard and thus create a new storage space.

A dining room with a 1950s look

Mahault de St Hilaire To bring a decorative touch to the dining area, you can play on the chairs. By using vintage seats, the architects give the room a very 1950s spirit.

Colors that take us back in time

Mahault de St Hilaire The retro spirit of this apartment also takes shape thanks to the color chart adopted by the architects. Aged shades are found on both furniture and accessories.

Retro decoration with mottled furniture

Mahault de St Hilaire To rediscover the authenticity of a 1950s interior, the best thing is to furnish ours with period pieces. Here, it is these different tinted glass elements that give a real 50's look to the room.

A dining room transformed into a museum

Mahault de St Hilaire With this wall of frames, the architects play with the trend to bring modernity to the vintage decoration of the apartment. By choosing to display only works of art, the owners transform their dining area into a veritable little museum.

The charm of antique furniture

Mahault de St Hilaire Do you like your old furniture but don't really have the motivation to retype it? Rather than leaving it in your garage, expose it! On this old piece of furniture, it is the marks of time that make its charm.

The secretary: the practical vintage piece

Mahault de St Hilaire Among the pieces of furniture that we like to find in our interior, there is the office. Here, so that this element does not denote with the rest of the decoration, we adopted a secretary, the vintage desk par excellence.

The staircase: a decorative piece in its own right

Mahault de St Hilaire This apartment was converted into a duplex after the owners bought the maid's rooms which were above. They therefore kept the period staircase which blended perfectly with the retro spirit of their interior.

Wood in the bedroom for a chic and authentic spirit

Mahault de St Hilaire From the shutters to the headboard passing by the chest of drawers, wood is everywhere in this room. It is an excellent material for creating a warm atmosphere in a room and giving it a chic and authentic side.

Optimizing the headboard

Mahault de St Hilaire In a room, space is precious. The ideal way to save space is to optimize the headboard. Here, we multiplied the storage and used the top to put books.

Vintage decor right down to the bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire To create a retro bathroom, you just have to play on the tiling on the wall and choose a vintage color chart.