A dressing room in the entrance or the corridor

A dressing room in the entrance or the corridor

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In the entry or the corridor, one takes advantage of the space which one seldom uses for advantageous purposes. Wardrobes and other closets hide, slip and weave between the walls, behind a curtain or thanks to an adapted piece of furniture. A quick overview of what it is possible to do.

The removable corridor

Paragraph The wardrobe slides into a piece of furniture on casters, the opening of which can be closed with a zipper or press studs. To add a decorative touch, we play with a color chart like here where green the master of the situation.

The family dressing room

Ikea From 7 to 77 years old, you slip your shoes and coats into the bins installed on the wall, under the bench or even in the boxes provided for this purpose.

The XXL wardrobe

Ikéa If you have a very large hallway, take advantage of it to install a whole storage system: coats, but also shirts, household linen, a few files ... We put everything we can to free up space in the rest of the rooms.

The camouflaged wardrobe

Ikéa Simple to use and easy to install, the dressing room hidden by a curtain has many advantages: a rod, or a metal wire, a few rings and voila. We can regularly change the atmosphere, and curtains, for a few euros. So what is your color right now?

The secret dressing room

Ikéa Another, more expensive version of the dressing room that can be made to disappear: in an alcove, a corner or part of the recessed room, you install a few rods behind two doors that you quickly close for a space that breathes the organization.

The multi-task wardrobe

Ikea The advantage of a large room is that you can store everything you want in it. With boxes on the walls, shoes are placed, a bench becomes a support for a few boxes, a main rod accommodates all the coats ... To be placed on either side of the room for better circulation.

The dressing room that slides in the hallway

Ikéa A large sliding door and voila, for a long corridor. We see here appearing everything in this dressing room where we also slip the tea towels, the files to be sorted in addition to the clothes ... Choose a panel in a bright color to wake up this room too often dull.

The dressing room

Maison du monde To place in a corner for small entrances that still want to take advantage of some storage space, we do not choose it too heavy to be able to move it and with an original design, like this one proposed by Maisons du monde in a version tart vintage.

The dressing room to install

Ikea On a section of the corridor or the entrance, we install this complete piece of furniture by fixing it to the wall. Coats, scarves and other gloves, shoes and even some boxes find their place quickly since it is thought for simplicity.