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Architect's advice: how to build a library?

Architect's advice: how to build a library?

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Books are an integral part of our daily lives and the home, but finding a place for them is sometimes a real headache that is difficult to solve! To finish with the bookcase furniture casually placed near the sofa, the libraries redouble their imagination to adapt to the functional and aesthetic needs of their users. Unusual, space saving ... the library today plays a very important architectural role by blending into the volume and finding an adequate place, while sublimating the decoration.

A library as a convivial space between the kitchen and the living room

Angélique BLANC In this large open volume of 8 m x 4 m receiving the living room and the kitchen, the library occupies a beautiful place in the decoration by integrating into the extension of the island kitchen furniture. No longer just a piece of furniture for receiving books, it is here a centerpiece of the layout suitable for fans of reading and decoration. Its low height makes it possible both to avoid any loss of light, and to create a very convivial relaxation space for friends or family members when a person is busy in the kitchen.

A partition library

Angélique BLANC It is not always easy to keep your books near you when, as here, the surface of the living room must be reduced to create an additional bedroom in the habitat. In this room of 32 m2 in total, the library integrates with ingenuity and malice to adapt to the new needs of the inhabitants: it is indeed the partition between the two rooms that becomes library, opening onto the guest room in all discretion and in secret, since once closed, the door is completely unsuspected. The 4.50 mx 3.20 m living room thus created allows comfortable seating to accommodate the whole family.

A space-saving and unusual library in the child's bedroom

Angélique BLANC If your child is passionate about reading and wants to keep his precious albums close at hand, here is how, in a 4m x 3.25m room, to create a library that is both space-saving and unusual. It comes to completely surround the bed, creating a small cabin, a real cocoon suitable for reading. And in order not to lose any space, the unexploited depth by the books at the head of the bed will be thanks to the creation of a niche, which will receive the reading lamp, acting as a bedside table.