Bamboo trend for an exotic decor

Bamboo trend for an exotic decor

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Fresh from the tropics, the "bamboo" trend brings an exotic note to the house, and gives it a holiday feel.

Bamboo lights

Goal ### Nice selection of woven bamboo floor lamps: we don't know which one to choose!

A bamboo Chilean

Fly ### When the idleness break combines exoticism and nature, we can only say yes!

Bamboo solar torches

Leroy Merlin ### To illuminate the garden naturally, why not choose solar torches… made of bamboo? There's a holiday camp spirit in the air…

Bamboo coffee table

Goal ### Want to create a summer decor on the terrace, far from the daily train? With a bamboo coffee table and a palette of warm colors, combining brown and orange, head for the tropics!

Bamboo dresser

Goal ### Here is an adorable bamboo dresser with generous lines.

Two bamboo pendant lights

La Redoute ### A touch from elsewhere thanks to these bamboo slat suspensions which delicately fall from the ceiling. Their plus? Illuminate the table while awakening the atmosphere with a subtle spicy note.

Bamboo dishes

La Redoute ### Ecology wins the dishes, the proof with these naturally beautiful bamboo salad bowls.

Bamboo nesting tables

Goal ### What is special about these nesting tables? Their surface is made up of thin bamboo blades, a natural and original design that seems to have its source in a distant country.

A bamboo screen

Maisons du Monde ### In search of a decorative screen, we unearthed an original model, to say the least, since it is made of bamboo! Ideal for delimiting the space of the living room while bringing it a touch of exoticism.