Tissage de Luz, Basque stripes in 2015

Tissage de Luz, Basque stripes in 2015

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Founded in 1908, Tissage de Luz strives to perpetuate and disseminate the tradition of Basque linen, taking into account the techniques of the past with a concern for quality. The 2015 collection offers 6 new prints. Presentation in pictures.

Andoni stripes

Tissage de Luz On a natural background, we played the card of light and gaiety by adding stripes that contrast, such as pink, blue, yellow or orange. The soft nuances enhanced by the tonic hues of yellow and blue give a sunburn to the traditional Basque stripes.

Donibane stripes

Tissage de Luz The Donibane fabric has the colors of a red sunset, those of the night falling against a deep blue sky. A cotton or coated tablecloth placed on a table, a few matching cotton napkins and here comes Indian summer.

Macaron stripes

Tissage de Luz Inspired by the colors of all kinds of delicacies, tangy and vibrant, the new Macaron color is aptly named. We can't wait to sit at the table!

Macaron stripes

Tissage de Luz Matching your curtains with your tablecloth is not easy, but after all why not? With such beautiful colors we do not hesitate to display it in different places in our interior.

The stripes mix

Tissage de Luz On a bed, you can place cushions in different colors from the Tissage de Luz brand to obtain a super cocoon result. We love !

Kitchen accessories Tissage de Luz

Tissage de Luz The brand offers in addition to tablecloths and curtains, many accessories for the interior. We find gloves or potholders to remove dishes from the oven. Exit those who do not match the tablecloth or the style of the kitchen!

Luz weaving for the bath

Tissage de Luz The famous "Honeycomb" has been reviewed by Tissage de Luz to create a range of super soft and light towels. And to adapt to all interiors and all styles, the range exists in 8 colors and 2 formats.

Weaving Luz in cushions

Tissage de Luz To give your garden (or dining room) chairs a boost this summer, adopt the Tissage de Luz multicolored stripes without further delay!

The Tissage de Luz sunbeds

Tissage de Luz Tissage de Luz has everything planned for all seasons, especially summer. To lay in your garden, balcony or to embark on the beach for the lucky ones, the deckchairs exist in all the stripes of the brand.