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30 DIY gifts for Mother's Day

30 DIY gifts for Mother's Day

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Tired of pasta necklaces and painted pot holders that you don't know what to do with after you've unpacked them? If this year you have decided to innovate for ** Mother's Day **, we let you get inspired with our ** 30 DIY ideas ** found on Pinterest to tell your mom that you love her very much.

A custom bag

Vanessa Christenson Sublime, this tote bag made with special fabric paint! Using a pencil eraser, all you have to do is dozens of small dots on the heart previously cut from freezer paper. * Source: Vanessa Christenson *

A succulent potting

Lolly Jane If you have old unused jars in stock, give them a second life! For this, paint them in soft pastel colors, then slide a succulent. Here is a mother's day gift at a low price that is likely to please every time. You can even plant a sweet little word like a flag in the ground. * Source: Lolly Jane *

A flower that does not fade

Hellobee To accompany your mom's breakfast in bed, make her a pretty crepe paper flower that will never wilt! * Source: Hellobee *

A frame with straws

The Tomkat Studio Original and very decorative, this frame made with paper straws requires only a short time and a very small budget! And the result is great, right? * Source: The Tomkat Studio *

Flowered jars

Lemon Tree Dwelling With paint, corks and a small paintbrush, give your glass jars a whole new look ... They will be perfect in the kitchen but also in the bathroom - for storing cotton pads! - or in the office - to store paper clips, erasers and other accessories. * Source: Lemon Tree Dwelling *

A giant paper rose

Poc a Poc Creation Fancy trying this giant rose? Bring crepe paper, glue and masking tape. Then follow the pretty tutorial of the Studio DIY blog to the letter. * Source: Studio DIY *

A heart shaped card What could be better than a pretty card in the shape of a heart to express all your love to your mom? We fell in love with this geometric model to download for free online! * Source: *

DIY cactus

Salt and Pepper Moms A very simple idea to offer to mothers who really don't have a green thumb - but who always have a soft touch - small pebbles painted like little cacti. Source: Salt and Pepper Moms

A triangle purse

In my jar Too nice this triangle leather purse! In addition, you can easily carry it out at home by obtaining the necessary equipment. There is no more ! * Source: In my jar *

A message in the clothespin

Rachel and the Little Peas Want to send a message to your mom in an original way? So, you will love the idea of ​​the clothespin, which reveals a sweet little word when pinched. * Source: Rachel and the Peas *

A gourmet cone

Mademoiselle Bagatelles Homemade donuts, hand-made tissue paper flowers, cones to print, it doesn't take much to make a Mother's Day gift as pretty as it is delicious! * Source: Mademoiselle Bagatelles *

A custom phone case

Etsy Blog Since herbaria are popular in decoration, we do not hesitate to make one on a white phone shell. Dried flowers, glue… and an absolutely superb result! * Source: Etsy Blog *

A message of love

Pom le Bonhomme To make this sweet little word, take a piece of Bristol board, masking tape, string and a pair of scissors. All you have to do is print one of the three models imagined by blogger Pom Le Bonhomme! * Source: Pom le Bonhomme *

A needle-cushion

Polkadot Chair If your mom is a sewing enthusiast, these custom jars with storage for buttons, threads and even needlepicks will be a superb Mother's Day gift idea. * Source: Polkadot Chair *

The handcuff on the map

Willowday Wrap your child's hand over card stock, draw a face on the palm and add a small bow. All you have to do is write your message. * Source: Willowday *

A silhouette on the mother's day card

Brit + Co To make this card full of love, print the profile of your mom or a nice family moment and then trace the outline using tracing paper. Transfer it to card stock (following the instructions carefully), and color the silhouette thus drawn with a golden marker. * Source: Brit + Co *

A vase with plaster bands

Around the Dressing Room An old box, plaster strips, paint, masking tape, creativity… and here you are with a very nice vase to offer your mom for her day! * Source: Around the Dressing Room *

A heart shaped tea bag

Mum Taupe Cut hearts in a coffee filter, sew two hearts together but leave a small opening to slip the tea inside. Close completely and secure the clip. Adorable, right? * Source: Mum Taupe *

A personalized tote bag

Poc a Poc Creation Paint, a white tote bag, a brush and your children's imagination will be necessary to make this very personal gift. * Source: Poc a Poc Creation *

Cardboard flowers

Mr Printables With boxes of eggs, paint and chenille yarn, you can create a bouquet of spring flowers in the blink of an eye! * Source: Mr Printables *

Trapilho cup

The red thread blog A nice little trapilho basket for your mom to put her jewelry, paper clips or other. * Source: The red thread blog *

Custom wooden spoons

Alisa Burke In the same genre, find the tutoring of Séverine from the editorial staff to make kitchen utensils tie and dye. * Source: Alisa Burke *

A custom mug with a marker

Maiko Nagao A white mug, permanent markers (Sharpie type) and you just have to find the words to tell your mom that she is the best. * Source: Maiko Nagao *

A fabric bag that speaks (almost)

How about orange A personalized bag with your mom's favorite phrase? Nothing could be easier with this tutorial. * Source: How about orange *

Flowerpot in clothespins

Fancy Deco A mini-jar in clothespin, to customize with photos or hearts. * Source: Fancy Deco *

Giant paper flowers

Sugar and cloth… almost the size of your love for your mom! * Source: Sugar and cloth *

Photos with message signs

Pinterest This is the photo that will cheer you up at your desk every time you look at it: your children who carry letter signs to tell you they love you! * Source: Pinterest *

Photo holder bottles

Eighteen 25 We love these photo holders all the more (simple to make!) Because they will allow you to display your prettiest family photos. What better idea for Mother's Day? * Source: eighteen 25 *

A bouquet of foam flowers

Plain Vanilla Mom Very simple to make by children, these foam flowers are also very graphic. * Source: Plain Vanilla Mom *


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