Trend: linen is installed throughout the house

Trend: linen is installed throughout the house

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If there is one fabric that is doing well in the house, it is linen! Appreciated for its natural and timeless appearance, linen adapts to any room in the house, proof in 10 images.

Linen curtains

La Redoute To give style to your windows, opt for linen curtains that will give you a fairly rigid drape while remaining fluid. We love the natural effect that will adapt to all styles.

Linen blinds

La Redoute To hide the light while keeping a beautiful light, you can choose linen blinds. With a white or cream blind, the brightness of the room remains pleasant while protecting you from view.

A linen pendant lamp

La Redoute For a chic country effect in the house, we adopt linen suspensions in a natural color which will diffuse an elegant light while adapting to the style of the room.

A linen sofa

La Redoute For your sofa, the trend is crumpled linen. This gives a relaxed effect while retaining the elegant appearance of linen. Choose a natural color for a very trendy effect.

Linen bed linen

Spoiler To benefit from a comfortable bed, linen is your ally because it allows good breathing of the bed. Natural fiber keeps heat in winter and lets air through in summer.

A linen table runner

Lina Forlino To bring chic and elegance to the table while maintaining a relaxed look, we adopt a linen table runner in a trendy gray.

A linen tablecloth

Stof For a more classic style, prefer a linen tablecloth and avoid the crumpled effect for more elegance.

A linen plaid

Spoiler With this linen plaid, you can accessorize a sofa as well as a console to give it an elegant and warm style. We like the small embroideries that give a sophisticated air to the fabric.

Linen cushions

The swallow To accessorize both the sofa and the bed, we can adopt linen cushions that will provide a natural look to your furniture.