The modern design style seen by Emilia

The modern design style seen by Emilia

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The decor that makes me happy? A refined, bright, contemporary decor. I am a fervent defender of minimalism - the bazaar will not go through me! The best is the enemy of good, they say and I agree: a beautiful interior is due to very little, a piece of furniture with clean lines, an interesting play of materials, warm pastel touches… I explain everything to you of my passion for modern design style!

Let your creativity speak

Pexels These designer interiors inspire me and awaken my creativity! Cutter, scissors, multicolored sheets… I have DIY desires! Small origami creations would be perfect for decorating the shelves in my living room, right?

Soft pastel

Maisons du Monde In this soft living room, you want to curl up and enjoy the moment. Surrounded by pastel colors, I feel so serene in this living room! One look at this flamingo statue and I have a smile on my face! Alina flamingo statue, Maisons du Monde, 85.90 euros

The little pleasures of life

Pexels A bouquet of flowers, a nice notebook to write down all the beautiful things that I saw, all the beautiful moments that I shared in my day. And life is good!

Variable geometry

Maisons du Monde Clean lines, chic metal and cozy colors. This contemporary room, as I like, reaches out to me! I totally fall for the combination of geometric patterns and this little stool to be placed at the foot of the bed like here. Edge jacquard stool, Maisons du Monde, € 59.90

Arch fan

Pexels Urban walks inspire my decor. I only have eyes for the beauty of the architecture, the mixtures of materials, the beautiful volumes and the clean lines. That I keep trying to find in my interior: in a graphic pattern or a beautiful play of materials ...

A beautiful white wooden buffet

Maisons du Monde I love the minimalist white, warmed here by golden and coppery details and by the rounded lines of the very nice chairs in the Scandinavian spirit that surround our table. As for the white wooden sideboard, this is exactly what I dream of to furnish my dining room! Pure white wooden sideboard, Maisons du Monde, 299 euros

A bouquet of eucalyptus

Pexels On my Maisons du Monde white buffet, nothing will be more elegant than a beautiful bouquet of eucalyptus. These designer leaves and this subtle scent will make a splash in my chic minimalist interior.

Mineral minimalism

Maisons du Monde Timeless chic in this dining room. I am obsessed with this table with clean lines concrete effect which gives majesty to the room. Mineral concrete effect magnesia table, Maisons du Monde, 699 euros

Beauty of concrete

Pexels Concrete is much warmer than you would think. I like its graphic side, I like its chic minimalism. It makes aerial architecture and a wildly contemporary air to any interior!