The child's bedroom thinks only of having fun

The child's bedroom thinks only of having fun

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Chic, the summer holidays are almost here, announcing a busy schedule of leisure and games for children! Small summary of the spaces to pamper or arrange in their room so that they have fun like crazy while waiting for the next back to school…

A wall to draw

Paragraph ### Owl, with a wall covered with a special slate paint, you can draw or write on it as if it were a school board. Or how to take the teacher's place while waiting for September.

A cabin for fun like in the garden

Go to your room ### What child doesn't dream of building a tree house? For those who do not have a garden, the solution is to adopt a wooden cabin-style bed in the bedroom. This is how the great Robinson Crusoe vacation begins!

A dressing area to make the star

Goal ### A large mirror, some clothes that mom no longer wears, all kinds of disguises, and a curtain or a screen to change out of sight: long live the dressing area!

A small table to play the dinette

Paragraph ### Place a few poufs, a chair or floor cushions around a small table, and the space dedicated to the dinette is created. Children can invite their comforter to have tea, or improvise a restaurant table!

A bed for sleeping and playing

Goal ### Adopting a playful form, the bed becomes a playground, during the day only. Example in pictures with this racing car bed in which little boys take the wheel for their greatest pleasure!

A raised bed to create a small corner

Fly ### Under a raised bed, it's easy to improvise a "recreation" space. It is enough to isolate a few pouffes, a small table, a school table or others behind playful curtains ...

A rocking motorbike for fun

Fly ### Instead of taking them swinging on a merry-go-round horse, why not offer them a rocking game on which they can have just as much fun? Love at first sight for this "motorcycle" version, more modern than the traditional rocking horse.

Storage to organize board games

Leroy Merlin ### Puzzles, lotto, memory or monopoly also have their place in the series "I have fun during the summer holidays". Difficult then to do without a storage corner to group all the board games!

A dressing table to look beautiful

Maisons du Monde ### Having fun in front of a mirror is what girls can do. On the program: hairstyles of all kinds, a little glitter on the eyes and lip gloss, and now they think they are little princesses!