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Spotted on blogs this week: 8 decor ideas made with paper

Spotted on blogs this week: 8 decor ideas made with paper

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With the pollen floating in the air and the temperatures it has this week, my little body has been severely tested. Result: I spent my week blowing my nose and the first victim of my health condition was the handkerchief section of my supermarket. I absolutely robbed everything. At the end of the week, the offices looked more like the Kleenex factory than the editor's. And it was by grabbing yet another handkerchief that I realized what a fantastic material it was. It did not take me more to run to see on my favorite blogs all that one could do well with.

Personalize a hanging bulb with newspaper

Marie la pirate Even if at my time at home, we mostly find paper in the form of a handkerchief, it is not uncommon in normal times to find a lot of newsprint (I tend to forget to throw the newspapers recovered in the metro). On her blog Marie la pirate, Marie recycles our old newsprint into a pretty hanging lamp, right on trend.

Create decorative frames with paper straws

Créamalice At each birthday / evening / family meal, I like to offer paper straws with my house cocktails. It's pretty, fun and it gives us a little air of vacation in the tropics. The problem is that it is bought in (very big) lot. And this week, when I saw them collecting dust (and space) in my drawers, I told myself that it was time to act. I really fell in love with this very simple DIY. With a few straws, Tiphaine shows us how to create beautiful decorative frames.

Make original himmelis with paper straws

Mymy cracra For all those who have straws but do not have pretty illustrations to frame with, Myrlène offers another decorative and trendy DIY based on paper threads and straws. On her blog Mymy cracra, she shows us how to adopt the himmeli trend with this very simple tutorial!

Make a lightbox with paper letters

Aux Petites Merveilles Every spring it's the same story: all this pollen in the air, me, my runny nose and my red eyes, it annoys us. And I have only one desire, it is to shout it to the whole earth. Except that my entourage does not care. So rather than annoying everyone with my moods, I opted for a silent solution: the lightbox. I display all my moods there without bothering others. But like all trendy decorative objects, a lightbox is a bit expensive. So, inevitably, I fell for this lightbox-style frame to do yourself imagined by Claire on her blog Aux Petites Merveilles.

Make your interior bloom with paper flowers

Nem graphics At the moment my allergies and I are saying that it would not necessarily be the best idea to bring flowers into my home. But as I love the flowery interiors, I had to be cunning. With glue and crepe paper, Émilie creates hyper-realistic flowers. Perfect for flowering my home without picking anything!

Decorate its walls with a floral paper garland

Freaky Family Story To complete my floral decor without picking flowers, I opted for a spring garland made of tissue paper thanks to Cynthia's very poetic tutorial.

Adopt the origami trend with a light garland and paper

The almond-shaped eyes To pass the time, I like to make small origami (it's beautiful and it's right in decor trends). But as I have the patience of a 5 year old child, it should not be too long. Amandine found the perfect solution for me by mixing business with pleasure! With small colored paper cubes that are very simple to make, she can customize a light garland to decorate any wall in our interior. I adopt!


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